The Challenge

Founded in San Francisco in 2007, AdRoll is one of the world’s biggest ad tech providers. Over 37,000 ambitious commerce brands use its Growth Platform to find the right audience, to reach them through the more than 500 network partners it works with, and to measure the impact of its activity to guide marketing decisions.

The company was an early adopter of Drift back in 2017, and was quick to realise the potential of chatbots and live chat to improve its sales and marketing process worldwide.

However, with complex EU data laws to navigate and a large sales team to train up, it also recognised the need to work with a strategic Drift partner for EMEA - and that’s where Six & Flow came in.

The Results

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475% increase in chatbot conversations


800% increase in live chat conversations

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400% increase in meetings booked

What AdRoll said about us


Gavin Adroll


“At AdRoll, we’re big believers that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. By helping us use Drift to its full potential as a sales and marketing platform, Six & Flow have helped us transform that first point of engagement with visitors on our website in a way that impacts our entire customer acquisition process.”

Gavin Flood
Senior Marketing Director, EMEA & APAC at AdRoll Group

Creating a conversational marketing strategy

To kick off our engagement with AdRoll, we held a full-day workshop with their EMEA and APAC sales teams to identify their key challenges and opportunities with Drift, and to turn this into an actionable strategy. 

We came away with a blueprint showing how chatbots would add value at every stage in the sales and marketing process - from sharing educational content at the top of the funnel to lead qualification and meeting booking at the bottom.



Training sellers to use Drift

Next, we trained the sales team to use Drift to have real-time, value-add conversations with qualified website visitors - helping them to delight engaged prospects, turn a greater number of visitors into opportunities, and humanise the overall sales and marketing process.

Starting with a handful of “champions”, we’ve grown to the point where a large number of small business and midmarket sellers across EMEA and APAC - including native French and German speakers - use Drift from day to day.

In our first quarter of activity alone, this helped drive an 800% increase in live chat conversations worldwide. What’s more, our top sellers are able to respond to the majority of new conversations in less than a minute.


Building chatbots that book meetings

Of course, those sellers can’t be online 24-7 to chat with leads who land on the website out of hours - so from day one we ensured our chatbots would be able to qualify leads and book meetings without human intervention.

By connecting the sales teams’ calendars to Drift and putting together compelling, value-add chatbot scripts, we were able to increase the number of meetings booked through Drift by 400% in our first quarter of activity.

Since then, we’ve continually reviewed and optimised our process to ensure there’s a seamless handover between chatbots and human sellers while maintaining a high conversion rate from topline website traffic to meetings booked in Drift.