The Challenge

Capita is the largest business process outsourcing and professional services firm in the UK, delivering complex IT solutions and services to over 3,000 customers across the country.

In 2018, Capita IT and Networks came to Six & Flow for help with the launch of a disruptive new IT solution.

Workspace Agility brings the convenience and freedom of consumer tech into the business sphere, allowing workers to access applications and data from any device and any location - complete with self-service support and billed on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The Results

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130% increase in inbound leads in just six months

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180 report downloads in under 2 months

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30 + engagements with target accounts

What Capita said about us

"Six & Flow have been a great strategic partner for us at a critical time for Workspace Agility. They understand our market and the unique challenges and opportunities in enterprise IT today.

The words innovative and disruptive are used all too commonly these days, but that’s exactly what this very smart marketing agency are. Their ideas and quality of work are exceptional."

Claire Aspinall
Head of Marketing, Capita IT and Networks

Workspace Agility logo

The Workspace Agility Brand

Workspace Agility represents a massive departure from traditional models of outsourced IT. As the first part of our engagement with Capita, we built a new brand from the ground up to help convey this, and to provide context for the messaging in our inbound and account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns.

The Workspace Agility brand avoids traditional IT iconography in order to emphasise freedom and innovation away from the status quo, but without losing sense of the heritage and credentials of the Capita brand.

Building momentum with inbound marketing

Working in close collaboration with Capita’s internal marketing team, Six & Flow also put together a 12-month inbound marketing strategy to build awareness of the Workspace Agility brand, create a pipeline of leads for sales, and establish direct contact with high-value target accounts.

Using a combination of biddable media, social media, email marketing and content marketing, we were able to drive a 130% increase in inbound leads over six months.

One piece of content - Capita’s 2018 CIO research - attracted 180 unique downloads in two months thanks to this multi-channel strategy.


Penetrating target accounts with ABM

In tandem to this, we developed an ABM campaign to help Workspace Agility gain mindshare and start conversations with a shortlist of target accounts through personalised, high-value content.

Using a combination of micro-targeted advertising, direct mail, email marketing and direct outreach, Six & Flow and Capita drove engagement and attracted over 30 decision-makers at target accounts to events across the UK and Ireland.

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