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For many online retailers, eBay is a more effective sales channel than their own websites - not least because it offers easy access to an audience of over 170 million active users worldwide.

However, selling on eBay is competitive. In order to attract and convert customers on the platform, retailers need to ensure their stores stand out from the crowd - and this is where eBay store design comes in.


On eBay as elsewhere, online shoppers are drawn to stores that look attractive, are easy to use and don’t keep important information hidden from view. As such, a big part of effective eBay store design is about branding, navigation and the overall user experience.

However, a store also needs to be fit for purpose behind the scenes. This means it should be built on a suitable platform for eBay selling and compliant with eBay guidelines. Finally, an effective eBay store design should be simple for the retailer to update and manage - otherwise, there could be a lot of work involved in keeping listings accurate.

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We won’t just make your store look good - we’ll also help you improve conversions and grow your sales.

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Active Content compliant

All our eBay stores comply with the eBay Active Content guidelines.


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We’re experts in integration between eBay and Volo, Channel Unity, Channel Advisor and countless other ecommerce platforms.

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We’ll provide guidance on how to update and manage your store, as well as best practices to grow your sales.


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Most of our eBay store design clients have been referred to us by eBay themselves - about as good a testimonial as we could wish for!

What our eBay store design service includes

Our experience has taught us that in order for an eBay store to stand out from the crowd and sell more, it needs - at a minimum - the following:

  • A store homepage that makes a good first impression and helps the user easily find the products most relevant to them
  • Product categories that make sense and are easy to browse
  • Search pages that help customers find specific products without leaving the store
  • Custom content pages to serve up information such as shipping and return policies, About Us content, and more
  • The all-important product listing, which should make it as simple and compelling as possible for the customer to part with their cash

Behind the scenes, we’ll also help with the following:

  • Integration with platforms such as Volo, Channel Unity and Channel Advisor
  • Training for end users to update and manage your store, as well as best-practice guidance on eBay store optimisation
  • Active Content compliance


What are the eBay Active Content guidelines?

One of the most disruptive new developments for eBay sellers in recent memory has been the ban on Active Content, announced by eBay in 2016 and enforced from June 2017. eBay said the new guidelines would ensure “faster load times, listings that are easy to navigate from mobile devices and a more secure marketplace” for all users.

So what is Active Content, and how can eBay sellers ensure their listings are Active Content-free? Some examples of now-banned content include:

  • Javascript and jQuery
  • Widgets from companies like Widget Chimp
  • Image carousels (if you don’t do them correctly)
  • Tabs in listing templates
  • Dynamically added categories and dynamic pricing widgets
  • Store search forms

In the past, it’s been common for eBay store design agencies to build tools and widgets for their clients that would be considered Active Content, and are therefore no longer allowed under the new guidelines.

However, we think the ban is for the best - this content has never worked well on mobile, so any eBay sellers who use it have been running the risk of delivering a poor user experience to the ever-growing number of users who browse their stores using smartphones and tablets.


Our credentials

We built our first ebay store for JD Sports back in 2009 and since then we’ve designed and built more stores than we can actually remember! Most of our clients have been referred to us by ebay themselves, which we like to think is as good a testimonial as we could wish for.

The one thing we do when we design and build ebay stores is make sure the focus is on helping your customers get the information they need to make a decision and purchase your product as quickly as possible. We’ve had a universally positive experience with all of our customers, who report that their sales have increased directly after having their store redesigned.

Finally, all our designs are compliant with ebay Active Content guidance, and will work with any listing platform.

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