Client Services Director at Six & Flow

A quick message to recruiters

As much as we love the recruiters out there, and by gosh I bet you “have some great candidates to send” our way… This one isn’t for you. 

Right now, we want to find our own new addition. It just makes it feel like we’ve really put the effort in… Know what we mean? More fulfilling if you will, if we do it ourselves. It’s not you, it’s us. When and if we do decide to go out to recruiters, we already have several relationships with agencies in place. If you’re not already one of them, then we don’t need you, sorry.

Job Description

We are looking for a Client Services Director (CSD) to join the leadership team of a fast-growing, hugely ambitious agency headquartered here in Manchester.

We want someone to help us shape the direction of the agency, grow our client base while keeping our core values, keeping our team at the centre and the customer at the heart of what we do.

Six & Flow is a growth agency working primarily in digital, with plans ambitions that see us expanding our presence in London and opening up opportunities in North America.

For all of our work, the end goal is always to create positive ROI for our clients. We help them grow.

We partner with our clients. We don’t just provide services, which is why it’s important the clients are the right fit for us, and us for them. We get involved from beginning to end so for us it’s important to bring on the right clients that fit our business, the way we work and that we feel we can offer them real value.

Our clients (new and old) all fit the following mould:

  • Clients we love working with (and have a good relationship with)
  • Brands, services and products we believe in
  • Clients we feel we can really add some value to

We believe that when we’re a good fit for our clients and likewise them for us, it makes for a nicer way to work and for nicer projects to be involved with. We work as both a retained agency and also as a venture marketing agency. We love startups and entrepreneurs so if it’s something we can see some real potential in or if it really excites us, we love to get involved.

The role:

We are looking for a Client Services Director (CSD) will take ownership of all client-facing delivery and services.

The role of the CSD is similar operationally to that of an Account Director but with an increased level of management responsibility, accountability and financial reporting.

The general expectation is that the Client Services Director will, at all times, act in the manner becoming of a senior member of the Client Services and Management Team. And to have the respect and cooperation of the other team members – both in the marketing delivery business and in the wider organisation.

Furthermore, the Client Services Director is expected to represent the agency in a professional manner and to assist in establishing the credibility of the agency in line with the mission to provide high-quality service and output ranging from inbound marketing to sales enablement and development.

As the Client Services Director, you will have the appropriate amount of responsibility with the individual fitting of their title and their seniority. The Client Services Director must be capable of assuming that level of responsibility and have the confidence in decision making suitable for that level within the organisation.

The Client Services Director will not only be responsible for the day to day running of the all client-facing delivery but will also play an active role in the day to day management of the agency business as a whole - including input into the business as a whole.

The Client Services Director will be an instrumental member of the leadership team and involved in making decisions affecting the future of the agency.

Client Service

  • To oversee and manage a departmental level of service to the client that exceeds their expectations instils total confidence in the client regarding the strategic and logistic handling of their accounts, projects and campaigns.
  • Knows the status of the campaigns and the overall health of the Client
  • Has an in-depth understanding of the client’s product, the market in which that product is sold and the various target audiences at whom the communications are aimed, attending market research as required
  • Provides an effective bridge between the client and the agency, and where necessary, other departments within the agency
  • Is accessible to clients and the agency and provides solutions or undertakes to find solutions where appropriate
  • Has responsibility for forward planning – is able to take the lead and responsibility for the Client Services and delivery teams and manages and head off any problems personally or knows when to pull the management team together to plan for dealing with any issues before they happen
  • Builds relationships with each level of client management and manages relationships efficiently to ensure their faith in the agency and the abilities of account handling.
  • Sets and manages the expectations of the client and the team in terms of agency deliverables.
  • Seeks to uphold the agency process at all times and actively encourages and ensures the members of Client Services and Delivery teams adhere to process.
  • Is able to identify and make recommendations for adapting the agency process in consultation with the management team and the managing director.
  • Understands client processes and timelines and integrates these with agency processes.
  • Able to maintain and set agency internal standards, ensures strategy and creative work presented is on strategy and is an appropriate response to the brief.
  • Ensures clients communications is up-to-date (estimates, contact reports, timelines, billing etc) in line with agency process.
  • In conjunction with the account team prepares deliverable timelines, consulting with other agency departments and considering workload and priorities.
  • In conjunction with the account team, captures timing plans and promptly updates changes.
  • In conjunction with the Client Services and delivery teams, delivers to agreed deadlines, personally and by internal/external chasing.
  • In conjunction with the account team, keeps Client updated on timelines and status
  • Ensures all discussions and action points are captured and agreed with the client in a contact report within 48 hrs.

Internal Service

  • Is a trusted member of the team able to lead others internally on the effective and profitable delivery of the business
  • Manages the team internally to work efficiently and effectively to agreed financial targets and overhead constraints
  • Motivates and engages the team to foster a positive working environment
  • Effectively discharges man management responsibilities of team members (where appropriate) in conjunction with the Operations Director.
  • Supports and encourages account handling staff to grow in their roles and abilities, giving them the opportunity to develop and practice new skills
  • Is active in identifying training and educational needs and opportunities for account handling staff
  • Organises own and others time to achieve deadlines, doesn’t create crises through lack of planning
  • Manages confrontational situations constructively but seeks guidance when unsure how to proceed
  • Is an active member of the management board and assists with the implementation of decisions made at that level as appropriate.
  • Acts as a conduit for information and decisions made at the management board - disseminating an appropriate level of information to the wider team.
  • Maintains the confidentiality of management issues and does not discuss issues discussed at that level with any other members of staff.

Business Development

  • Actively helps drive the agency profitability
  • Reviews profitability of account in terms of estimates, agency hours worked, etc. and manages appropriately.
  • Is proactive in flagging problems with job profitability and re-estimating where appropriate.
  • Proactively makes suggestions about improvement to process that will help to manage the overall profitability of projects and the agency.
  • Up-sells profitable solutions to clients and monitors job profitability in line with agency targets.
  • Is an active member of the new business pitch team and leads the internal new business team in the search for new business.
  • Actively seeks to identify opportunities for organic growth and new business.
  • Is a regular contributor to new business meetings and liaises effectively with the Business Development team (where appropriate) to ensure implementation of plans
  • Maintains company intelligence on clients: key brands, incumbent agencies, dissatisfaction rumours, future launches, influential players.

Financial responsibility

  • Understands the financial picture and works to deliver the agreed targets and manage the business to agreed forecast
  • Is up to date and fully aware of the financial expectations of the business
  • Is able to manage and understand the basic fundamentals of accounting and policies that affect the agency business (namely P&L, balance sheet, cash flow)
  • Is proactive in alerting the Operations Director of issues likely to affect the financial expectations of the business
  • Is aware of the impact of operational decisions on the financial performance of the business

Is proficient in accurate forecasting of income, overheads and issues that will affect profitability

Ideally, you will have:

  • At least 5-years agency experience
  • Experience in a CSD or AD role
  • Experience of managing, developing and nurturing a team
  • A passion for the role client services can take within a business
  • An excitement around building relationships with clients and partners
  • A solid understanding of marketing principles and the services we offer
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with the ability to work with clients, prospects and partners by telephone, email and in person
  • High energy
  • Positive Attitude
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritise, and manage time effectively
  • Motivation, drive and a self-starting attitude
  • Degree or relevant apprenticeship education
  • 'Tech-savvy' - we use a lot of tools in our sales process

Key responsibilities:

  • Day to day running of all client-facing delivery
  • Oversee all activity relating to both client services and delivery teams, identifying issues before they arise
  • Create strong community and client relations
  • Business client relationships - setting client expectations and agency deliverables
  • Team Management - both efficiently and effectively to agreed financial targets
  • Help identify and convert new business opportunities - incl. upsells, new business pitches
  • Attending events and representing Six & Flow as a brand


  • Working in a rapidly growing, playful business
  • Working within a team-centric agency
  • Yearly conference budget
  • Yearly training budget
  • Gym membership
  • Flexi-time
  • There's normally beer, dogs and cake too.


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