Event: Humanising your sales & marketing

January 24, 2019
By Rich

Sales and marketing teams are often driven solely by the numbers. We use tools and processes as a means to convert visitors to leads and leads to sales. But that detached process of forcing people through funnels, or engaging with you on your terms is not how we, as humans, want to buy any more.

Be it B2C or B2B, we want the way we purchase and the way we interact with brands to be more human.

Too often, as marketers, we focus on growth at scale - how can we squeeze more from less - but in the changing landscape of how we buy, that's not the most effective way to deliver results any more.

We have to be more human in our approach. Prospects don't want to be treated like leads on a spreadsheet.

This event will focus on how you can align your sales and marketing process with how people want to buy in a modern environment.

Moving away from the traditional sales funnel, making 'voice' and traditional mail a key part of your strategy, using video in your sales process and engaging new customers with conversational marketing rather than forms and emails - we're going to cover it all.


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