How we listen to social media as a HubSpot gold agency

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Rose - 19.01.2017

Being a HubSpot gold agency is obviously a great advantage for a marketing team like ourselves.

I use HubSpot to schedule social posts pretty much everyday, and I recently scheduled my first blog post on the platform too, which was really simple. The most recent tool I have been introduced on HubSpot, though, is the social media monitoring tool.

Why social monitoring is important

We thought it would be a great idea to start engaging with more people on social media, especially Twitter. Instead of looking at our accounts every hour to see if any connections have shared anything interesting (as we all know how time consuming this is) HubSpot allows you to monitor lists of handles or hashtags.

If you type in a handle, then you can see all that person's tweets in one place. It's the same with hashtags. Once I've added all the hashtags and handles I wanted in a particular list, I can then see who's tweeting what and when.

Once I've got my lists all set up, I can check them every morning when I get in, in the afternoon after lunch and then in the evening just before I leave the office. This way, it's easy to see if there are any opportunities for us to get involved and start interacting with people.

For step by step directions, I'd suggest you click here and learn from HubSpot themselves.


How to listen in on social media

Social media is really important as a research tool for digital marketers, because a lot of your audience is on there, discussing everything they love/hate/want/need.

When you first hear the term 'social listening' you probably think it's just about listening to what people say on social media - but it's much more than that. Social listening is where you listen (or read) what your audience is talking about online to understand them better and learn how to appeal to them more.

This then helps you to pick up on any mistakes you made in the past, and shift focus from things that didn't get any social life. Instead, you can focus on the topics that everyone is talking about.

You can track social listening is the traditional way - doing it manually. This is obviously done by browsing Twitter, Facebook and other social networks and listening to the world talking about your products or brand.

Manual social listening can still offer valuable insight. For instance, you'll notice which specific social networks are the more popular than others for certain types of posts. However, it can be very time consuming.

Luckily for me, HubSpot's monitoring tool makes it easy to automate some of this work. When any company begins to grow, it will eventually move into automating some of its processes to save time and increase efficiency. As a HubSpot gold agency, technologies like the social monitoring tool help us to grow as a business, and help our clients too.

At the moment, there are two useful tools for automated social listening that I use. Like I said previously, HubSpot is one of them, and Hootsuite is another. Hootsuite is only for managing social media activity, which is obviously fine if that's all you're working on, as it eliminates any other distractions. It is a little different from HubSpot as Hootsuite shows several social monitoring feeds at once, organised as columns across your screen.


A good example of social listening

Lane Bryant's #ImNoAngel campaign is a smart social strategy, which clearly relied on a lot of research including social listening. Many ladies of the world who aren't a size 4 are very bored and tired of the Victoria Secret lingerie launches, in which all the models are called 'Victoria's Angels'.

Victoria's Secret's last ad which used the controversial slogan "The Perfect Body," Lane Bryant saw this and took a very different angle, using the tag #ImNoAngel on social media. This was widely seen as a critique of the campaign by Victoria's Secret, a brand which has previously been put under the spotlight for using very slim models.

Now for something a little closer to home. For one of our clients recently, we monitored when anyone was tweeting about needing a space to host an event In Manchester. This gave us the opportunity to communicate with individuals with this need, letting them know what our client had available.


Start a conversation with a HubSpot gold agency  

I hope you agree that it's important for companies to hear what's happening on social media. As a HubSpot gold agency, we have a good advantage thanks to the software's social listening tool. If you'd like to find out more about how we can help your company listen to its audience, please get in touch.


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