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Want a hand from an ecommerce industry veteran to help take your online sales to the next level?

Before you hire a full-time head of ecommerce or ecommerce director, consider the use of an outsourced head of ecommerce - a more flexible, scalable way to ensure your business has the expert support it needs to grow online.


Hiring a dedicated head of ecommerce can feel like an essential step for a business that really wants to succeed in the world of online retail. It means getting access to knowledge and expertise from across the ecommerce spectrum, from multi-channel commerce to digital marketing to PR - all the things you need to grow your sales online.

However, it can also mean a big investment your business may not be ready for. That’s why we recommend you consider an outsourced head of ecommerce service - a way to access the skills of an ecommerce industry veteran without commiting to a full-time wage.

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Provide practical, hands-on help

Provide practical, hands-on help

From choosing your ecommerce platform to assistance with your ERP system, an outsourced head of ecommerce can help.


Provide SEO and PPC expertise

An outsourced head of ecommerce will explore cost-effective routes to improve the visibility of your online store.


Deliver email and inbound marketing

Grow your business with measurable marketing tactics that engage prospects and nurture them into customers.

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Implement a marketplace strategy

Get your business in front of a bigger audience with the effective use of marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.

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Identify new markets

An outsourced head of ecommerce will help you plan and implement a cross-border growth strategy.


Help you grow your brand

Get advice on branding, traditional and digital PR, integrated communication campaigns and more.

Our outsourced head of ecommerce service

Every ecommerce business is different, so every Six & Flow client who uses our outsourced head of ecommerce service has their own custom plan. This allows us to focus on the areas where they need help the most, and ensure our resources are used in a way that delivers the best possible ROI.

Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Multichannel commerce - We advise on how clients can sell successfully across different channels, from their own websites and marketplaces to brick and mortar, and implement joined-up processes to increase efficiency and deliver a seamless experience to the end user. This can include technical specification writing, ERP integration, marketplace opportunity analysis and more.
  • Digital marketing - We’re experts in the digital marketing techniques that deliver growth, including content and inbound marketing, SEO and PPC, conversion rate optimisation and marketplace growth optimisation.
  • Practical, hands-on help - All our outsourced head of ecommerce clients can tap into our in-house website design and development resources, as well as our supplier and partner relationships, technical ERP expertise and more.
  • Brand development - We know what goes into creating a successful ecommerce brand. From research and focus groups, to brand design and guidelines, to traditional and digital PR - all can be included as part of our outsourced head of ecommerce plan.


Our credentials

What’s more, we’re confident our team can bring more passion and experience to your business’ head of ecommerce function than just about any other candidate out there, full-time or otherwise. Our credentials in the industry include:

  • Almost two decades of experience in online retail and marketplaces
  • A long list of past clients, including household names such as Suzuki and JD Fashion
  • A long list of partnerships, including eBay, Magento, the Department for International Trade, HubSpot and Drift
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They took the time understand my project and who the end user is. Then advised on the various approaches we can take and the advantages and limitations of each. Then they went on to turn my concept into a fully functioning platform and I'm very happy with all aspects of their service. It was great to work with Darren and the team!

Stephen Winton

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