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We've identified the core KPIS to improve revenue growth across your flywheel

In this guide, we break down the essential metrics you need to track at every stage of your customer lifecycle.

From demand generation through to customer success you need to understand what metrics impact your business.

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What's in this guide?

Customers are demanding a top-notch experience from your organisation – better, faster, and more personalised. And they're not shy about voicing their opinions. By implementing a well-executed RevOps strategy, you'll be able to generate and convert more leads, while also nurturing long-term relationships with your valuable customers. But before you dive in, it's crucial to understand the metrics that drive your North Star metrics.

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Metrics That Drive Revenue Intelligence

A well-executed RevOps strategy should provide insight at every stage of the funnel. From Demand Generation to customer success, you need to understand what metrics impact your business.

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Build these reports in HubSpot

Discover the possibilities of data analytics with HubSpot. Every report showcased in this comprehensive guide can be effortlessly created within HubSpot. Analyse and visualise key metrics, track performance, and make data-driven decisions with ease. 

benchmark your reports

Benchmark your metrics

Since 2020, Ebsta and Pavilion have analysed $37 billion worth of sales pipeline to help high-performing businesses improve win rates and shorter sales cycles. Use the following metrics to benchmark your sales velocity.


What metrics matter most to your RevOps strategy

Uncover the critical reports for improving sales velocity and boosting revenue growth.


  • North Star Metrics that provide a clear and focused way to track progress towards your company's goals.

  • Demand Generation Metrics to identify and improve traffic generation, engagement and revenue.

  • Sales Management Metrics that help you build a team of high-performers.

  • Service & Retention Metrics to improve customer retention and identify new revenue opportunities. 

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Demand generation and RevOps.

The goal of RevOps is to help you identify the channels that are the strongest indicators of sales velocity, and help you nurture the right relationships at the right time with the right content. 

  • Improve traffic & revenue: These reports allow you to optimise your channels and understand the factors contributing to traffic and revenue growth. 

  • Targeted Marketing: Understand how your personas and ICPs contribute to revenue generation and optimise content accordingly.

  • Growth through multiple channels: Use data to inform how to drive channel growth so that you have a balanced split of effort.
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RevOps Demand Generation Dashboard
RevOps Sales Management Dashboard

Sales Management and RevOps

To build a team of high performers for your RevOps strategy, it's crucial to use data to improve processes and sales velocity.

  • Robust Qualification: Use these reports to establish a clear qualification process to focus on the most promising leads and maximise results.

  • Forecasting: Sales Management reports offer a structure for pipeline reviews and improving forecasting accuracy.

  • Win-Rates: Prioritise the deals that are most likely to close and use data to understand the factors that contribute to greater win-rates.
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Service & retention and RevOps

To drive customer retention and identify new upsell opportunities, you need to collect and analyse the right data.


  • Data Insights from across the customer lifecycle: Analyse these reports to improve the customer experience and identify areas for improvement.

  • Measure client health: Understand client health in your CRM to identify where risks for churn and opportunities for upsells exist.

What does a revenue growth agency do?

Six & Flow is your strategic go-to-market agency, helping B2B organisations connect people, processes & technology. 

Wee can optimise your CRM and train your team on the new process of data collection and prioritisation.

Discover purpose-driven analytics that allow you to identify pipeline deficiencies. With the right reporting, you'll have a clear perspective on where your company's inefficiencies are coming from and where opportunities for optimisation exist. 

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Alice Robinson | Principal Strategist | Six & Flow

Track these RevOps KPIs

Break linear growth

We've created a guide on the metrics you should be tracking across the customer lifecycle. From Demand Generation to customer success, you need to understand what metrics impact revenue.