GUIDE: Account-Based Marketing

Account based marketing - 29% target customer acquisition within 3 months

The Challenge

In the summer of 2017, we implemented an account based marketing (ABM) campaign for the Lead Agency, a specialist lead generation company. The remit for activity was to find high value property clients within the online and offline estate agency space. The Lead Agency provided a service generating leads whilst ensuring that they were GDPR compliant, unlike other lead suppliers.

Six & Flow worked with The Lead Agency to define the messaging of their campaign whilst aligning their sales and marketing efforts. We identified key accounts to target and then introduced a tiered approach, assigning more resource to larger or more appropriate accounts.

We identified 35 target companies, mapped their decision makers, influencing networks and created tailored content applicable to their needs. Within the first 3 months of activity, 10 of the key accounts are now customers of The Lead Agency, meaning a 29% target customer acquisition rate.

The Results

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Sales and marketing alignment
29% customer aquisition rate
Influencer network mapping
Tailored content creation
increased sales by
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Combining ABM with inbound marketing

When combined with the inbound process, ABM is an approach that focuses on generating quality lead opportunities, and opens communication channels with people who matter most to your business.

Instead of using a generic sales team, ABM focuses on building relationships and does it all in a way that doesn’t alienate or disrupt people already busy and short on time.

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Getting sales and marketing aligned

One of the biggest problems a lot of companies face is getting sales and marketing departments working on the same page.

For any ABM campaign to be a success, an inbound philosophy is essential to build more data-led business intelligence with a creative approach.


From signing up with Charlotte to the ongoing (and constant) support from Adam what could have been a monotonous and time consuming leap was simplified and made to look easy in a timely fashion (due to the team over there working round the clock including Christmas eve to get things done!). They really have gone above and beyond, would highly recommend.

David Roddy, Caroo

Want to know more about account based marketing?

Download our guide to ABM to learn how the strategy can fit alongside any inbound campaign, and help you to work with the people best suited to your business.

Some call it ‘whale hunting’ or ‘key account marketing’. Whatever you call it, when ABM is introduced alongside an inbound sales and marketing strategy, it can help businesses achieve serious long-term growth. However, many within the B2B sector are still unsure of how to integrate ABM practices into existing strategies.

Our guide aims to fill any gaps in your knowledge, with handy worksheets taking you through each step in the process. We explain how ABM:

  • Aligning sales and marketing departments
  • Reducing time spent on each lead during the sales process
  • Building more targeted campaigns with a clearer focus on ROI
  • Nurturing stronger relationships with your most valuable clients 

Download your free guide to inbound marketing strategy


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