Using video to grow in this new contactless world

Working from home and becoming a remote business, here's how you can use video to grow across marketing, sales and customer service.
3.30pm GMT (11.30 am EDT), 26th March

What will you learn?

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Join us along with Vidyard to talk about humanising and accelerating your growth using video.

With what's going on across the planet, it's very much a changed landscape. Sales and marketing now need to be 'contactless'. No more physical meetings, no more networking events.

So how do you build those same lasting connections and how to you sign new business.

In this webinar, Yaniv and Ravi, two video selling experts, are going to talk you through how you can use video in three main areas; Sales, Marketing and Customer Services.

The speakers

Yaniv Siegel
EMEA Growth, Vidyard
Ravi Persaud
Ravi Persaud
Business Development, Six & Flow

What's on the agenda?

Video for Marketing - Get in front of more people
Now is a great time to concentrate on your digital marketing. Video is consumable, engaging and it humanises your brand, something that should be a focus in the next 12 months. We'll talk you through ways to grow past the limitation of YouTube and how video can fit better within your overall strategy.
Video for Sales - Book more meetings
Contactless is going to be the new norm in sales. Think about it, in the last two weeks, how many sales outreach emails have you had? Everyone is scrambling to move to a digital-first approach. Video in your sales process helps you cut through that noise and engages prospects. It helps put a face to a name (it much harder to say no to someone's face...) and it will help you book more meetings (like 400% more meetings).
Video for Services - Nurture your clients
Friction in your customer service process can very quickly sour a relationship. Video help you communicate faster and better. Stop sending out impersonal COVID-19 email from your CEO and deliver personal, timely messages from the people in your business that matter to your clients.