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Using Biddable Media to Outshine the Competition

The advent of biddable media around five years ago changed the marketing landscape dramatically. Online advertising has gradually evolved from static advertising to a game of highest bidder wins. Businesses and brands now have the opportunity to serve their messaging in front of the right audience, one click at a time.

Make impressions and gain a serious competitive edge

What is biddable media?

A marketplace, provided by a third party (known as a publisher), allows advertisers (that's you and I - the brand owners) to bid against each other for ad impressions - or 'serves' of their adverts. Whoever wins, shows their ad. That's biddable in a nutshell.

Paid search advertising may have been the first incarnation of biddable media, but marketers now have many more options beyond Google. Publishers can include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more up and coming platforms.  Opportunities for biddable just keep growing, with no signs of slowing down.

Sounds easy enough...

Getting a foot in the door and bidding on relevant terms for your company may be simple enough. However, creating a biddable media strategy takes a little more work.

When well-targeted and well-written, ads can drive visitors to landing pages or articles, created to work in a seamless partnership. Done properly, this can deliver a visitor experience that is smooth and engaging. It's not enough to catch a visitor's eye - you need enough to entice them into the lead conversion process.

How we use biddable media

Six & Flow uses biddable media alongside inbound marketing to boost and drive results. It's highly effective, and perfect for rapid testing and fast manoeuvres; it's easy to see which ads perform well, and to adjust accordingly. As a growth marketing agency, it's no surprise that a technique as adaptable as biddable plays an integral part in much of our work.

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