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Implementing an Inbound Marketing Strategy

An inbound marketing strategy can turn strangers into loyal fans. It attracts, converts, retains and delights those individuals most vital to your success - your most lucrative customers.

"Inbound Marketing makes you the cool kid in the playground - everyone wants to be your friend."

Inbound marketing is magnetic

Instead of interrupting your customer's lives by pushing your sales messages onto them, an inbound marketing strategy targets only those who will be profitable to your organisation.

By serving these individuals timely content that is highly informative and valuable, inbound positions you as an expert and authority in your marketplace.

It's customer-centric

This 'them-not-us' approach keeps people coming back for more. With the right tools, you can funnel individuals towards landing pages and conversion forms that bring them ever-closer to signing up.

It's rich and diverse

The right inbound marketing strategy paves the customer journey with top-notch content in the form of blogs, articles, infographics and videos. These also incorporate SEO, enticing web and social publishing strategies.

Gateposts are marked with forms, calls-to-action and landing pages that are natural, desirable steps on the road to sign up.

And behind the scenes, sophisticated CRM processes, email marketing and marketing automation ensure that your messaging remains topical and relevant to your audience.

It's future-proof and empowering

An inbound marketing strategy puts you in control of your marketing. Because it focuses on the needs of your customer, you'll remain in touch with their preferences as they evolve. What's more, the direct correlation between the quality and timing of your content means you have the power to turn the volume up or down as required.

As a Manchester inbound marketing agency, we pride ourselves on understanding and utilising the inbound methodology to full effect. Six & Flow can also boost any inbound marketing strategy with biddable media and highly creative content, ensuring that your brand name remains front of mind for your audience. Tell us your goals, and we can provide you with examples tied specifically to your needs.


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