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Putting a Growth Marketing Strategy in Place

Steeped in innovation, every growth marketing strategy applies the practice of rapid testing and fast learning. Our creative rule-breakers will do the thinking, our technical experts will do the tinkering, and the stats will speak for themselves. 

Everything starts with an end goal: how do we grow your business?

What's the market opportunity for your proposition? What's the best way to reach and speak to your audience? How should we tell your story? Build authority for your brand?

How do we help you acquire and retain more customers?

Six & Flow places your end goals at the heart of its digital strategies, and builds and delivers plans that achieve exactly what you set out to do - and more.

Growth marketing is central to this

growth marketingHaving evolved from growth hacking, a growth marketing strategy is any approach that uses techniques traditionally associated with product engineering.

We use a combination of content marketing, email marketing, SEO, A/B testing and analytics, and paid acquisition to bring you well qualified leads and customers.

And using data to analyse the performance of marketing techniques, we then apply our intuition and experience to determine the next step.

Prepare yourself for fast results

It's likely that we'll have made dozens of adjustments to your campaign before the next update meeting and have a raft of information to share with you about what's working and what's not.

This ability to refine the process in super-quick time is exciting, fast paced and extremely satisfying for our clients - and our team.

Work with a team of passionate experts

It will come as no surprise that any growth marketing strategy calls for individuals who are creative rule-breakers with insatiably curious minds and experimental tendencies. That's why we love being a Manchester growth marketing agency. As well as being highly commercial, Six & Flow prides itself on being creative and playful in approach.

For more insight into Six & Flow's own growth marketing strategy, have a look at our newest guide on how to size your digital market.


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