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Finding the Right Marketing Strategy for You

Developing an effective marketing strategy is about more than plotting campaigns against a timeline. We don't want to work in isolation - but as a moving cog in the machine that is your business.


Don't fly blind.

As a growth marketing agency, we feel there's a big need for rapid testing and fast learning. How will you know what works and doesn't work until you give it a try?

When we build your marketing strategy, we won't just consider your business objectives, market size, market opportunity and audience. We'll also look at your internal structure, available resources and capabilities. This means we can ensure that the plan we build for your business is in tune with who you are, what you want to be, and how much you can realistically achieve.

You may be surprised to find us considering your telecoms or sales strategy as we build your marketing plans. However, that's all part of our role as your growth marketing agency. If Six & Flow is going to help you grow, we need to look beyond the immediate marketing strategy and ensure that there's a framework in place to support the methods we recommend.

When we helped one of our clients move from a 10 leads per month to over 150, and convert over 75% of those into loyal customers, this broad approach to growth marketing came into its own. The business was prepared to grow its sales team exponentially, and could accommodate the increased volume of leads with a new telecoms structure.

We've become adept at helping clients move from an outdated outbound marketing strategy, to warm, streamlined inbound marketing machines that catapult them forward as a business. After all, we're not just here to run effective marketing campaigns in isolation from the rest of your business. We're here to help you grow.


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