5 Steps to Replicating Sales Excellence

Moving low performers to high performers using HubSpot.


When you strip back all of the systems, the content, and the tech, sales and business boils down to relationships.

In this webinar, we're sharing 5 steps sales leaders should take to build a team of consistent performers.


In This Webinar, You'll Learn

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The Problem for Sales

Your team doesn't have unlimited resources. Solely focusing on driving more revenue is costing $2 trillion. Instead, focus on revenue, alignment with sales, and driving more from less.

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How to Replicate Excellence

The true test of a leading sales team is the ability to identify the pockets of excellence and introduce Sales Enablement and RevOps frameworks to drive greater revenue growth.

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How to Make Greater Use of The HubSpot Platform

We're sharing best practices around new and existing HubSpot features to drive greater team performance and outperform your competition.

Richard & Alex | Speakers | 5 Steps To Replicating Excellence

Meet your speakers

Richard Wood

Six & Flow, CEO


Alex Rainford

Sr. Product Marketing, HubSpot

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There's a better way to drive sales velocity

Relying solely on your top sales performers may yield short-term results, but it's not scalable. 


Especially when you have the tools inside HubSpot to drive consistent team performance. 


In this webinar, we're sharing the 5 steps that empower sales leaders to provide their team with the necessary resources, tools, and training to close deals more effectively.


Not only will you experience increased revenue, but you'll also foster stronger customer relationships, building a customer-centric culture within your organisation.

Emulate the Strategies of Your Top Sales Reps

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In this webinar, we explore the strategies, functionality, and data points that help you replicate sales performance. It's time to stop relying on individuals and enable your whole team to succeed.