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Elevating Compliance in Contact Centres Pt. 2 Webinar

Elevating Compliance in Contact Centres: Achieving Regulatory Excellence

Building upon our previous webinar on scaling compliance for sales teams, we’re zeroing in on Contact Centres' unique regulatory hurdles. 

Our expert speakers will guide you through the landscape of Contact Centre compliance and how to ensure adherence to regulatory frameworks with Dialpad Ai.

🗓️ 15 May, 2024

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Data & Technology

Scaling Compliance: Navigating Complexity in Growing Sales Teams

As sales operations expand, compliance complexity grows exponentially. In this session, we’ll delve into essential strategies and methodologies for guiding sales leaders in adhering to compliance standards, especially at scale.

Data & Technology

HubSpot for Real Estate

How the Canadian real estate industry can leverage a fully integrated customer platform to grow efficiently. With this joint demo webinar event, we’ll ensure leaders don’t miss out on the value of this powerful platform and provide actionable insights on how Canadian real estate businesses can grow better with HubSpot.

Revenue Operations

5 Steps to Replicating Sales Excellence

When you strip back all of the systems, the content, and the tech, sales and business boils down to relationships. In this webinar, we're sharing 5 steps sales leaders should take to build a team of consistent performers.

Revenue Operations

7 Steps to Predictable, Efficient Revenue Growth

Cut through the noise and understand the signals that have the greatest influence on #revenue across demand generation and sales management.
In this webinar, we share the 7 proven steps that you can implement across go-to-market teams to drive greater revenue.

Data & Technology

How to deliver best-in-class customer experiences

Learn how to use Fivetran and HubSpot to create best-in-class customer experiences. In this webinar, we covered how to connect your data and set up a data pipeline and share examples of what you can do with that data to delight customers. 

Data & Technology

Closing the Gap: How Aircall enhances visibility within your HubSpot CRM

Get all the resources you need to get started building a single source of truth within your CRM. 

Marketing & Sales Strategy

Conversational Marketing Masterclass With Drift

Improve conversions, offer quicker help, and create authentic relationships -  see real results with conversational marketing in your GTM strategy. Follow along to the masterclass using the free template.

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