Take the RevOps Maturity Assessment.

Take the RevOps maturity assessment to ensure you gain an understanding of your company's overall landscape and areas for improvement, before optimising for RevOps.

After all, it's important to know your current position before identifying core areas for improvement!

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What is a RevOps Assessment

The RevOps assessment offers a strategic framework to assess operational efficiency, identify areas for improvement, and help plan for long-term success.

The online assessment uses proficiency models and best practice indicators to provide a holistic assessment of your operations. 

Stages of RevOps Maturity

  • The RevOps Maturity Model categorises companies into four stages across RevOps foundations and your funnel:
stages of revops maturity - 1


At this stage, there is a lack of understanding and implementation of RevOps as a holistic approach. Departments within the company function independently without collaboration, leading to misalignment and inefficiencies.

stages of revops maturity - 2


This stage represents some level of alignment between departments, but it is ad-hoc rather than intentional. There may be some basic processes in place, but they are not standardised or optimised.

stages of revops maturity - 3


Signifying a significant improvement in operational efficiency, this stage demonstrates a clear understanding of the importance of RevOps. Collaboration between departments is encouraged, and processes are standardised. Technology is utilised to streamline operations.

stages of revops maturity - 4


The highest level of maturity represents full alignment, integration, and optimisation across all departments. RevOps is seen as an integral part of the company's operations, and there is continuous improvement in all areas.

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