Account-Based Marketing

Is an Account-Based Marketing campaign right for me?

Inbound marketing is great, obviously. You're selling to people who actually want to speak with you. They've been nurtured, they understand the narrative, they 'get' your brand.

However, many businesses we speak to want to target those really hard-to-reach, hard-to-attract, big-hitting clients.

Meet account based marketing. It's a way of aligning your sales and marketing teams to identify and appeal to those ideal clients. And the best thing about it? It’s the perfect fit with our beloved inbound.


What are the benefits of Account Based Marketing?

Perfect for B2B

Account based marketing is perfect for B2B

B2B enterprises can be the largest beneficiaries of an account based marketing strategy, as they typically have longer sales processes - but it can also benefit many other sectors.

Go 'Whale Hunting'

Go whale Hunting with account based marketing

An account based marketing campaign can help your company with 'whale hunting' those 'top tier' clients you otherwise struggle to reach, positioning your brand in front of the right decision makers.

ABM Complements Inbound

Account-based marketing complements Inbound

Account-based marketing focuses on generating quality inbound opportunities, opening communication channels with the most important people & building strong relationships.

Focus on ROI

Focus on ROI with account based marketing

We believe in content - it can have a massive impact on your bottom line. But content can stretch much further than just blogging. Video, animation, interactive, we use it all.

Build Strong Relationships

Build strong relationships with account based marketing

Build close relationships with clients deemed most valuable to your business and its goals, in a way that doesn’t disrupt people already busy and short on time.

Save Your Team Time

Save time with account based marketing

Account-based marketing can reduce the time taken to nurture the most profitable leads, and the time taken per lead during the overall sales process.

What is Account-Based Marketing?

Have you heard about account-based marketing? Otherwise known as ABM, it’s a marketing strategy that fits alongside any and every inbound marketing campaign and is designed to help you work with the people best suited to you.

Some call it ‘whale hunting’ and it has also been known in the past as ‘key account marketing’. Whatever you call it, an account based marketing campaign targets important decision makers and individuals in a company in precise ways. The overall approach is creative and uses tried-and-tested inbound techniques to capture their attention, whether you want to target companies based on size, location, budget or other factors.

When account-based marketing is introduced alongside an inbound sales and marketing strategy, it can help businesses in the pursuit of serious long-term growth to find and partner with the companies that are the best fit for them and, crucially, that they want to work with most.



The Positives of an Account Based Marketing Strategy

The Positives of an Account-Based Marketing Strategy

There are numerous benefits to investing in an account based marketing campaign alongside existing inbound processes, including:

  • Aligning and streamlining sales and marketing departments
  • Reducing time to approach and nurture the most profitable leads
  • Reducing the time taken per lead during the overall sales process
  • Building creative, targeted campaigns with a clear focus on ROI
  • Build strong relationships with clients deemed most valuable



Account Based Marketing


We’ve mentioned inbound marketing a lot here. Account-based marketing works great for those who already have a grasp of the practice and its benefits, and can go a long way to turbocharging any existing strategy.

B2B enterprises, in particular, can be the largest beneficiaries of this approach. These companies typically have longer and more complex sales cycles, and account-based marketing campaigns can help to better target high-value prospects who are a better fit, whilst at the same time reducing churn and time-to-sale.




Account-based marketing has been shown to increase the long-term value of customers alongside finding and converting high-value prospects.


However, many companies within the B2B sector are still unsure of how to integrate account-based marketing practices into existing strategies.

Our guide is designed to explain how an account-based marketing strategy works, and how you can use it to increase the effectiveness of your existing marketing.



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