API Development

    Every modern business needs a Customer relationship management system (CRM). A system that, when running correctly, should be the heartbeat of your organisation.

    A CRM however can't do everything for your organisation, which is where integrations come in. Integrations improve the reach and scope of your CRM allowing you to unify more branches of your business and enhance your capabilities.

    Although sometimes you can't get an out-of-the-box integration which is where a custom API (Application Programming Interface) comes in.  An API allows you to pull and push information across systems giving you unified systems.

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    API Dev

    Why would I need an API

    You might not be aware of what an API is. It's possible that you have no idea what it means and that's normal for most people. Application Programming Interfaces, APIs for short are used on a daily basis to provide your customer with frictionless experiences.

    Companies are increasingly turning to APIs to offer more value to customers in less time as expectations for seamless user experiences rise.
    APIs enable you to enhance the capability of your own product while saving time and money by using by APIs to access data, code, software, or services from another system.

    APIs provide multiple options by assisting in the delivery of integrated user experiences from one device to the next.

    Getting your API right

    APIs are not simple. 

    Understanding the intricacies of systems you are integrating, what you need to bring across and how you are going to do it. These are difficult questions. And this is where we come in.

    We work with you to understand your needs through guided workshops and consultancy sessions. We map, plan and build your API integrations, then work with you to make them work.

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