Airswift Inbound Marketing Case Study

Modernising Inbound for continued success

YOY increase in SQLs
YOY increase in website traffic
YOY increase in social media following

Airswift is an international workforce solutions provider in the energy, process and infrastructure industries. Although Airswift had a large and consistent stream of high-quality content being produced, they had little in the way of inbound methodology implemented within the business.

They enlisted Six & Flow to create an entire inbound marketing strategy with them. This included persona workshops and a content audit to start matching topics to the different personas we were creating and stages of the buyer journey.


What happened

We took charge of their content and inbound marketing strategy with the goal of increasing web traffic and leads through the website. Airswift already had a retained PR agency and a large library of high-quality content, including original research reports, but needed help to bring this content production in line with inbound best practices to create a consistent stream of website traffic and leads.

Workshop & Strategy

First, we ran a number of workshops with all the key internal stakeholders across every part of Airswift’s business (marketing, recruitment, senior management and compliance) to create our initial key marketing personas.

Inbound Implementation

We worked with Airswfit to create optimised buyer journeys, a pillar page and topic cluster strategy, social media structures, paid search and paid social engines and conversational strategies to accelerate lead generation and improve overall UX.

Additional Support

Following the ongoing success of our inbound lead generation campaigns, Airswift brought us in to promote their annual Global Energy Talent Index (GETI) report. We helped Airswift generate more than 1,500 contacts within the first four days of the report’s launch.

Maegan Vinson pic

Six & Flow are leaps and bounds ahead of any other digital agency I have worked with and they have modernised our approach to inbound marketing. They have helped us with chatbots, blogs, social media, paid media, and lead generation, and we are growing in every one of these areas. They provide measurable results on performance and I am confident in the ROI we spend with them.

Maegan Vinson, Airswift

The outcome

After the initial 12 months of working together, Airswift has a high-converting website and is seeing consistent increases in views, engagement and leads generated from content, social and paid media activity. Key performance results include:

  • 65% YoY increase in SQLs
  • 40% YoY increase in website traffic
  • 26% YoY increase in organic traffic
  • 31% YoY increase in social media following


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