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Creative Fitness Marketing (CFM) is a fitness marketing agency that focuses on promoting and growing gyms and health clubs by targeting inactive members of local communities.

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The marketing agency is known for delivering highly successful campaigns for large health clubs around the globe such as HolidayInn, Crowne Plaza and YMCA. When working with these corporations, CFM understands the number of interactions throughout the buyer's journey required for closing these large enterprise deals. 

But, without a CRM in place, CFM’s marketing and sales team were weighed down by limited visibility and manual activities. They needed insight into which activities resonated best with their buyer personas across the entire sales cycle.


Fragmented, Siloed Data

Prior to using HubSpot, CFM was reliant on a series of spreadsheets to record company and contact data. Both marketing and sales had their own set of spreadsheets. 

“If a member of our team left the company, we would not have visibility into their prospects”  

When a visitor became a subscriber or lead, both sales and marketing teams would have visibility into the contact’s name, email, and organization. But, as the lead progressed throughout the buyer’s journey, the spreadsheet system prevented teams from having access to data that might be crucial for them. They did not have a 360-degree view of their customers. 

“Prior to HubSpot, if a lead came in from our website, our marketing team would not know what happened once the lead was handed off to sales. And given the nature of our business model, it could take 2-3 years before a company makes the decision to work with CFM. By that time, you forget where the lead originally came from.”

Spreadsheets also run the risk of being cloned and without having a master record, CFM was struggling to maintain a single source of truth. 

“Each business development rep was working out of a different spreadsheet. Prior to HubSpot, we did not have a centralized record of contacts.” 


Manual processes

Tracking on disparate tools was limiting their growth; it was taking away from their sales reps’ time spent selling. 

A sales process revolving around manual email creation and data entry were not scalable. Throughout the long sales cycles, reps were required to manually track the status of leads, send follow-up emails, and book calls. Their manual process would result in leads falling through the cracks and missed sales opportunities.

CFM works with health clubs across the globe. As part of the lead allocation process, the sales team had to manually review and assign leads according to specific regions. As the company was growing, this was only adding to its lead response time. 


Lack of personalisation in their marketing and sales efforts

CFM targets a wide range of clients - from hotels, gyms, boutique studios and more. Their marketing messages catered to a general audience. They were unable to easily deliver personalised content that touched on industry-specific pain points and goals. 

CFM was previously using Mailchimp for email marketing and marketing automation. As the fitness agency was moving from its spreadsheet system to HubSpot, they understood that an all-in-one solution would address each of its core business challenges and goals and Mailchimp would become obsolete.

The project plan was to execute a HubSpot onboarding of Marketing Hub Pro and Sales Hub Starter in 4 weeks. Their goal was to improve lead generation by 100% by introducing automation, personalising marketing emails, and ensuring their team adopted the CRM platform.


We were referred to CFM by their sister company, MyZone, after a successful HubSpot implementation in 2019. CFM realized the success that MyZone had experienced with HubSpot and wanted a system that would help them manage their contacts, automate processes, and offer transparency into the customer journey. 

The project plan was to execute a HubSpot onboarding of Marketing Hub Pro and Sales Hub Starter in 4 weeks. Their goal was to improve lead generation by 100% by introducing automation, personalising marketing emails, and ensuring their team adopted the CRM platform.


Capturing a single source of truth

Using HubSpot, CFM was able to deliver a connected customer experience with universal contact records. 

Our team first worked with the fitness agency to create the necessary contact, company, and deal properties. From there, we completed a data cleanse to ensure that only one record for each parent and child company existed. We created additional workflows so that the same data was recorded for associated contacts, companies, and deals. 

By setting up strong data foundations, CFM was then able to use reporting in HubSpot to capture a complete view of the customer. They could measure the ROI of all marketing and sales activities and create feedback loops to ensure they delivered value at every stage of the customer journey.   


Sales Hub Starter + Marketing Hub Pro

CFM needed to align its sales and marketing team to provide a seamless, consistent and reliable experience for its customers. This would be achieved by adopting a platform that introduced transparency across their organisation. 

We worked with CFM to onboard both Sales Hub Starter and Marketing Hub Pro

To ensure CFM was set up to effectively use Sales Hub and Marketing Hub, we completed the following core activities:

  • Create custom properties for Contact, Company, and Deal records
  • Set up a deal pipeline based on the stages of CFM’s sales process. 
  • Migrate their forms, call to actions and meeting links to HubSpot 
  • Develop branded email templates
  • Nurture and lead allocation workflows

CFM Branded Email Templates

Sales Hub offered the sales team a unified, transparent method of viewing customer data in order to understand their customers’ core challenges and goals. 

Forms were built to generate both subscribers and leads, where the marketing team could then nurture the contacts through a series of workflows and marketing emails. 

Marketing Hub Pro helped the marketing team segment, trigger, and personalize their 

outreach, deliver higher quality leads, and attribute revenue to their efforts. 

Together, Marketing Hub and Sales Hub are helping CFM drive pipeline growth and deliver differentiated experiences for each of its customers.


Client Enablement 

As well as ensuring HubSpot was optimised to meet CFM's business needs, success would be dependent on the team's adoption of the platform.

 In the final week of their HubSpot onboarding project, we worked with the sales team to conduct a 1-hour training session and put together a Marketing Hub and Sales Hub manual.

CFM Training Document | HubSpot Marketing Pro Guide

During this session, we worked with the team to build scalable sales processes that bring in repeat business consistently. 


Since implementing HubSpot, CFM has seen improvements across the board. Their sales team has scaled and the team has gained complete transparency in the buyer’s journey.

Sales leaders now spend less time completing manual data entry and are able to automate email sequences. 

When working with large enterprises, CFM’s sales cycle was naturally long. Marketing did not have any insight into which leads turned into customers. Now with HubSpot, the fitness agency can tap into reporting to understand which marketing activities and channels are most impactful in driving sales. 

Prior to implementing HubSpot, CFM was not personalising any of their marketing emails. Now with HubSpot, they are able to easily leverage custom properties and segment contact lists by industry, buyer personas, and where they are in their lifecycle stage to personalise 100% of marketing emails. 

The creation of blogs and landing pages has also dramatically improved. 

“We previously had to pay for a developer each time a blog or landing page was created. The marketing team can now do it themselves, and quickly. It used to take a week to get a blog or landing page live. Now, I can complete these tasks in a matter of minutes.”

Not only has HubSpot introduced cost and time savings for CFM, but it has also enabled them to on average, double the frequency with which they share blog posts and send out nurturing emails. The team now sends 4 marketing emails per month, compared to the 1 marketing email previously distributed prior to onboarding HubSpot.

"We doubled and even quadrupled our email click-through rate for some audiences now that we are able to easily segment our audiences and deliver hyper-personalised content in a strategic manner. We use A/B testing on all our emails which have a large enough audience size until we get the results we desire!"

Kate Landers | CFM

Six and Flow were super professional during our onboarding. They were knowledgeable and took the time to understand how our business operates so we could get the best from Hubspot. Highly recommended!

Kate Landers, CFM

The Impact

Since the team was fully onboarded with HubSpot, the sales and marketing teams at CFM have been autonomous in completing their day-to-day activities across Sales Hub and Marketing Hub. 


They have referenced the user manual and become confident in HubSpot’s features. The team has created their own workflows, sales templates, segmented mailing lists and more. 

CFM’s sales and marketing teams love HubSpot. The platform allows them to see how they are performing in real time, helping to build a company culture revolving around transparency. 

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