HubSpot Sales CRM Implementation

Project Overview

Six & Flow successfully implemented and aligned 4 enterprise tech systems within a 12 week period including Hubspot Enterprise, Salesforce, Drift, and Sitefinity for Janes, the world’s largest open-source defence intelligence agency.

The main objective of the implementation was to ensure effective lead management whilst improving on-page sales conversion and enhancing reporting.

In mid-May 2020, Janes approached Six & Flow wanting to do a rip and replace of their existing marketing automation platform Eloqua with HubSpot. They also wanted to ensure that HubSpot was fully integrated with several other systems within the tech stack: Salesforce, Sitefintiy and Drift.

Another key requirement was to implement Drift live chat and Drift email (a new product) to improve user conversion rates.

This was done to facilitate a clean split with its parent company and create a new set of processes and systems to allow the company to diverge and grow successfully.

Janes Case Study

What happened?

Six & Flow delivered Jane’s bespoke solution in a three-stage process to a tight 12-week timeline:


Project Scope & Workshop

Knowing deadlines were tight, Six & Flow arranged immediate interviews with all key stakeholders to fully scope requirements, areas of friction, departmental expectations, and project workloads. From this, we conducted a workshop that covered the requirements of each of the departments and the overall lead management and sales process. Once we understood this all processes were built into a document and management structures were built out for the ongoing project.

Technical Build

By building a set of sales and marketing automation unique to Janes’s needs, Six & Flow streamlined their lead management and sales team’s admin tasks and sales process freeing them up to spend more time selling to clients. We implemented new internal and tracking structures.


We focussed the build on several technical areas


Using the Drift conversational platform and Progressive forms within HubSpot we integrated with Sitefinity CMS and OneTrust to ensure that we met with Jane's steep security requirements and provided OAuth accessibility all whilst improving the experience of the user. 

Lead management

With a global presence, Jane's needed to ensure that no matter the time or location it's prospects and customers would be able to get a streamlined and frictionless service. The sales team having steep targets also wanted to ensure that they were speaking to only relevant leads for them and not having to triage, qualify, and then apportion leads. We used Hubspot to build out a full lead routing system feeding over 30 salespeople with the relevant leads based on product and location. We also integrated Drift conversational and email to ensure a seamless handover from bots to humans across several major timezones. All of this was integrated into Salesforce to allow for lead and sales management across the wider company.

Marketing Empowerment

Janes were previously using over 20 tools to provide contextual marketing to thier clients. We streamlined and consolidated over 70% of this into HubSpot. By empowering the team with bespoke training over break-out sessions, creating user manuals, and following up with 121 training sessions we were able to get them onboarded successfully with HubSpot's contextual marketing tools.

Reporting and attribution

One of the biggest areas of friction was on reporting ease and transparency. The demand generation team was spending upwards of 8 hours on generating management reports. Alongside this, a lack of attribution across the funnel meant that no team had visibility on what was driving revenue which was leading to further misalignment. By working with the operations team we were able to sync up Hubspot Drift and Salesforce to give a clear outline of data tagging points, Attribution models and show how the teams were interacting to close more sales. We also created dashboards that the teams could easily use and replicate.

CODA Requirements

Given the nature of Jane's business, they required the highest level of security and risk assessment specifications before proceeding with any activity. We worked with the team to provide technical documents and schema planning out all data and security flows. We produced detailed, business-critical information outlines and documentation that was used by the security architects to derisk the project and provide a blueprint for further integration work.

Process & User Training

Through a variety of small scale training workshops delivered via both video and in-person, Six & Flow upskilled the Janes team in HubSpot and Drift showing them how to use the systems fully within their workflow. 


The project was not just about implementing a system and then leaving we were tasked with helping the leadership make key decisions on CRM processes and working with 3rd party suppliers to develop a strategy and infrastructure to enable real growth. Although experienced with CRM systems, Janes did not have the in-house skills to set up HubSpot in a time frame suitable to their needs.

Janes needed expert HubSpot and Drift guidance to both build a system suitable to their requirements.

The core objective was to create systems and processes that aligned across both sales and marketing but also ensure that the teams were all trained adequately to administer the systems.

The Challenges

Janes had several challenges, the first being the timeframe and scale of the activities they wanted to undertake.

We had 12 weeks to scope a strategy with stakeholders on 3 continents then implement a CRM and conversational build.

We had to ensure effective training was given to the team on the processes that were developed in most cases from scratch for new systems. We had to do this working alongside several 3rd party suppliers.

Finally given the nature of Janes business we had to ensure that data security across the systems was scoped, mapped and a secure process was implemented effectively.


From signing up with Charlotte to the ongoing (and constant) support from Adam what could have been a monotonous and time consuming leap was simplified and made to look easy in a timely fashion (due to the team over there working round the clock including Christmas eve to get things done!). They really have gone above and beyond, would highly recommend.

David Roddy, Caroo

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