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Accelerating AX's Growth with a Strategic Inbound Marketing Strategy

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AX is driven by a passion for providing top-notch fleet management and car hire services. Their commitment to sustainability shines through in their investment in electric vehicles, making history as the first UK credit hire company for offering brand-for-brand EV replacements.

Starting in 2019, Six & Flow joined forces with AX to bring our expertise in strategic inbound marketing to the table. The partnership helped AX achieve its ambitious growth goals. 


Our Partnership

Why Six & Flow

John Pickering, head of digital marketing at AX, first discovered Six & Flow through one of our content guides. John interacted with our online chatbot, was nurtured, and eventually booked a direct meeting with a member of our team. 

"The process was a perfect example of what Inbound Marketing is."

Partnership Goals

The start of our partnership began with a workshop to ensure our teams were aligned. The overall aim of our partnership was to:

  1. Drive AX’s position forward as thought leaders within its niche industry.
  2. Develop AX’s product/service portfolio and promote it further.
  3. Develop a robust digital marketing strategy that uses Hubspot to drive engagement, awareness and leads.
AX would become the UK's top car hire and fleet management company.

Setting the Foundation

AX onboarded HubSpot prior to working with our team. Our goal was to deliver the digital marketing strategy and help them optimise their use of the HubSpot platform. 

To achieve this, we worked with AX to create an inbound, conversational, and sales enablement strategy using HubSpot.

Inbound Marketing Strategy 

Personas were created that represented AX’s key target audience. The personas formed the backbone of the marketing strategy, aligning business goals with AX’s audience’s goals, challenges and needs. 

We developed a content production and social media strategy to help AX’s personas overcome their challenges more effectively. Our goal was to help AX build a content library in HubSpot with automation and analytics supporting how leads moved along the sales cycle and drive the message home using social channels. 

Growth Marketing Strategy

Conversational Marketing Strategy 

Adapting the UX journey for prospective clients was vital to improving sales. We identified the need to include conversational marketing across the website structure and throughout marketing campaigns to give prospects an easy, contextualised experience based on their needs at that time. 

Sales Enablement Strategy

The final piece of AX’s initial strategy was to empower the sales team with a defined sales process leveraging key HubSpot Sales Hub features. We identified that sales teams should use the content as part of the sales process, and tap into video prospecting and account-based mapping, to name a few.

The following case study highlights 2 campaigns that were created between 2020 to 2022. These campaigns were created following the initial strategy set out. 

The Challlenges

Quickly Acting on Potential Growth Opportunities

The traditional approach to test-driving vehicles hit a roadblock with the pandemic outbreak. No longer could salespeople hop in the car with potential customers for a spin around the block. The two-meter rule had made this time-tested method illegal. But in the face of this challenge, AX saw an opportunity. They leveraged their cutting-edge product, software and tracking devices to embrace a new way of test-driving vehicles.

Selling to Untapped Markets

AX was venturing into uncharted territory with the launch of its new product, Motor Assist. A groundbreaking solution aimed at revolutionising the end-to-end claims and accident management landscape, Motor Assist represented a bold step forward for the company. However, with this new product came a pressing challenge: how to effectively market and sell it to the right customers. 

The Solutions

Unaccompanied Test Drives Campaign

The goal of the unaccompanied test drives campaign was to drive leads through an initially live webinar that would later pivot into an on-demand webinar. Visitors navigated to a HubSpot landing page through organic and paid channels, where they were then asked to register via a form.  This was AX's first-ever live webinar, and the campaign delivered 1,000 new or influenced contacts. The Unaccompanied Test Drives Webinar also resulted in an all-time high session-to-contact rate of 16%.

AX Traffic Performance Report

Features within HubSpot Marketing Hub were primarily used to promote the webinar. 

Topic clusters within the SEO tool captured target keywords and allowed the Six & Flow and AX team to build content around the pillar page topic, “Unaccompanied Test Drives”. This allowed Google to recognise that AX was an expert in the subject matter. Meaningful traffic was generated to each of these pages, including the webinar landing page.  

Still, to date, AX is generating leads from the on-demand webinar. 

AX's biddable media strategy was a well-oiled machine, carefully crafted based on persona and ICP work to reach the right people at the right moment. With video, social, display, and search ads, AX was front and centre in front of potential customers. HubSpot's Ads tool allowed us to manage the campaign centrally. 

Using HubSpot Sales Hub, the AX Sales Team successfully nurtured those leads with relevant content and used meeting links to convert those leads to paying customers. 

AX Unaccompanied Test Drives Campaign

AX Motor Assist Sales & Marketing Strategy

We led a series of workshops to understand the market better and identify the best strategies for selling Motor Assist.

This resulted in a comprehensive document that served as a product bible, providing their team with guidance on how to approach each sector, what pain points to address, and the tone to adopt in marketing campaigns.

With this information in hand, we worked with AX to build a content-rich marketing campaign consisting of blogs, videos and PDFs.

John said, "The creative presented for us has enabled our sales force to go further with those markets than we would have otherwise." 

Workflow Build - Sample - AX

AX has since created a 13-stage nurturing workflow inside HubSpot that shares content and educates the insurance and broker sectors. 900+ leads have entered those nurture workflows. 

John Pickering, AX

I always saw Six & Flow as an extension of the business. From both the strategy and content levels, Six & Flow understood our needs and worked with our team to deliver value. 

John Pickering, AX

How Inbound Marketing Continues to turn the Flywheel for AX

The results of our inbound marketing campaigns have been nothing short of impactful. The inbound marketing strategy has positioned AX as the product expert. 

John mentioned the abundance of content pointing to AX's site has led to "getting a name in the industry from a standing start within a year. We weren't having these conversations before. We weren't even invited to the table. We now are."

AX now uses that content to nurture leads to MQLs and SQLs. The initial nurturing support they received from us has helped shape their nurturing strategy for the future. 

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