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How YunoJuno Gained Full-Funnel Visibility with Marketing Hub Enterprise

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YunoJuno is the leading all-in-one platform for sourcing, managing, and paying contractors globally. Their innovative approach to flexible talent acquisition and management has quickly made them a go-to destination for clients like Google, PepsiCo and thousands of world’s leading companies. YunoJuno had been generating leads through inbound marketing, attracting both clients and freelancers to their platform. Although their Community team already used HubSpot's free tools, they needed data clarity and efficiency through Marketing automation and CRM.


YunoJuno had no visibility into the interactions and activities of their existing clients. This left them with a limited understanding of their client base and made it difficult for them to optimise their marketing efforts.

When Michi Tropeano joined as Head of Growth & Marketing, he recognised the critical need for an all-in-one Marketing platform to address the challenges outlined in this case study.

While both HubSpot and Pardot were initially evaluated, it was evident that HubSpot's connected and powerful platform would significantly decrease their total cost of ownership. YunoJuno's marketing team realised that in addition to the purchase and implementation costs, the opportunity costs associated with user adoption made HubSpot the best option. 

YunoJuno turned to Six & Flow to implement their Marketing Hub Enterprise portal to meet their unique business needs.

Why Six & Flow

From the initial conversations with our team at Six & Flow, YunoJuno was confident that we would successfully onboard HubSpot and meet their initial objectives. 

"Six & Flow was a fantastic source of expertise. Nicole, in particular, was fantastic in providing expertise on challenging tasks such as the Salesforce integration. Six & Flow remained patient and supportive, significantly impacting our team during challenging times. Their personable approach and willingness to find creative solutions, rather than just settling for the first one, were appreciated. This honesty and dedication set Six & Flow apart, making them a reliable source for businesses looking to implement HubSpot.”

The Challenges

Limited Reporting and Lack of Visibility

YunoJuno's success in generating leads through inbound marketing needed to translate into an understanding of their clients' interactions. Despite having 100,000+ contacts, they had no visibility into their activities. This lack of insight prevented YunoJuno from making data-driven decisions to improve acquisition, monetisation and retention.

Marketing & Sales Alignment

The freelance company adopted Salesforce 3 months before HubSpot. The team at YunoJuno needed to ensure that the sales team could capture insights from the marketing team. Without alignment between the two teams, they risked poor lead quality, inaccurate reporting and lost revenue. 

Scaling Marketing Efforts 

YunoJuno's small marketing team could not scale their inbound lead generation efforts due to lacking marketing automation and limited nurturing workflows. Without automation, their lead nurturing was manual and time-consuming, preventing the team from focusing on top-of-funnel activities such as webinars and events, as well as improving key metrics such as CAC and retention. YunoJuno needed to send mass marketing emails and nurture clients across the buyer's journey to improve conversion rates, which was impossible with their current tech stack. 

The Solution

The goal of our partnership was to provide YunoJuno with greater insight into its existing customer base to increase conversions, improve CAC and drive LTV. As a result, the following solutions were implemented:

Data Migration

We migrated YunoJuno's data from an on-premise solution to HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise with minimal disruption to their operations. We conducted a comprehensive data audit, cleaned up necessary data, and mapped out data fields to ensure a seamless transfer. A series of tests were conducted within YunoJuno's Sandbox account to ensure everything worked as intended. 

Marketing Hub Enterprise


With HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise, YunoJuno now has access to comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities. We worked with their team to identify key data points and set objectives. This has allowed YunoJuno to gain visibility into the entire customer journey, from initial engagement to conversion and beyond. By tracking the performance of their efforts against these metrics, YunoJuno can continually optimise its marketing efforts and scale revenue.

“It is now incredibly useful to see attribution of all our customers and touchpoints to become conversions within the site”

YunoJuno Marketing Attribution Report

Salesforce - HubSpot Integration

We also ensured that HubSpot and Salesforce were fully integrated, with data flowing seamlessly between the platforms. This has allowed YunoJuno to capture insights from their marketing activities and use them to inform their sales strategy and vice versa.

“Being able to understand our Ideal Customer Profiles within our existing customer base is extremely useful in our segmentation and targeting efforts and allows us to replicate their journey with prospective clients.”

Template Creation

YunoJuno's community team had previously been successfully creating content using HubSpot's free CMS. We needed to migrate templates to ensure the team could continue building scale content. 

With campaigns and tracking, YunoJuno creates content relevant to its target personas. They now have a built-out set of content clusters and are becoming the go-to resource for topics about working with freelancers, compliance and tax, freelance management systems and more. 

YunoJuno - Marketing Email Templates - HubSpot


We also worked with the team to map a new automation infrastructure and lead scoring rules. This has allowed the YunoJuno team to build a series of automations that nurture contacts from leads to MQLs, SQLs to customers, and ensure a successful customer onboarding. These workflows send targeted, personalised emails to contacts based on their behaviour and engagement with YunoJuno's website and content.

YunoJuno Marketing Attribution Reporting


Katrina Sheperd, Marketing Operations Manager, YunoJuno
My experience with Six and Flow was truly exceptional! Their knowledge and expertise in the platform were evident from the start, and they provided us with personalised guidance and support throughout the entire process. What stood out the most was their willingness to understand our unique needs and tailor their approach accordingly.
Katrina Sheperd, Marketing Operations Manager, YunoJuno

The Results & Impact

The core objective of implementing HubSpot Marketing Hub was to optimise lead data that was captured in HubSpot. YunoJuno has now created a structure in HubSpot where they can understand where the lead is coming from and what content they need across their journey. 

Before HubSpot, they had 8% data completeness and now have 92% visibility into their contacts. 

Key data points such as job titles, firmographics and attribution have allowed YunoJuno to adopt a data-driven approach to its marketing and have since doubled website traffic. 

Additionally, by leveraging automation, YunoJuno has reduced the manual labour of creating and sending emails to nurture leads and onboard customers. 

As part of their onboarding workflow, YunoJuno has successfully reduced the drop-off rate during the client onboarding process by 35% (QoQ). They have achieved this by creating a HubSpot workflow where once a client signs up on the platform, they receive a series of welcome emails. As a result of gaining complete visibility of client actions on the platform through HubSpot properties, YunoJuno can then deliver targeted emails about creating briefs. 

By leveraging automation, YunoJuno has been able to greatly reduce the manual labour of creating and sending hyper-targeted emails to nurture leads and onboard. 

Since onboarding HubSpot, they have gained the ability to nurture, segment, and personalise the user journey. YunoJuno has since delivered 41,000 emails to 9,000 contacts and can attribute marketing efforts to 40% of revenue opportunities. 

As YunoJuno continues to use Marketing Hub on their client side and achieve impressive results, they are beginning to explore HubSpot for the freelancer arm of the business. 

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