Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is a dialogue-driven approach to marketing and customer engagement. Used within marketing, sales and customer service touch-points having the right approach helps you to: 

  • Enhance your customer experience
  • Improve your lead generation and conversion rates
  • Bring more buyers through your sales funnel 
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Why Conversational Marketing

Traditionally, messaging has been the heart of customer-to-customer interaction, but where consumers lead, businesses follow. Now, conversational marketing is the tactic that can help brands get a piece of the action. Messaging apps like WhatsApp are now as popular as social media for keeping in touch. These instant text-based platforms are the go-to option for many people seeking instant connections and responses.

Introducing a conversational marketing platform gets best results when you consider it as part of your wider marketing strategy. By combining inbound and outbound tactics, conversational marketing platform Drift believes that your business can hold “real-time, one-to-one conversations to capture, qualify and connect with your best leads."

ChatBots can be programmed to be able to recognise where someone is on your page, predict the challenges they may be facing and ask the right question from their scripts. This could mean engaging your sales-scripted ChatBot with someone who’s looking at your product page. Or having customer services scripted virtual agent see how they can help a prospect who’s clicked on your FAQ section.

It's good practice to write scripts that ask open-ended questions to elicit information from the customer. As every good salesperson knows, getting the customer to talk about themselves is a great way to gain valuable insight, as well as boosting the customer experience. Establishing the right tone of voice for these interactions is critical, and it may or may not be an extension of your wider brand voice. Delivering consistent scripts is perhaps best achieved by working with an experienced conversational marketing agency.


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