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CRM Integrations.

Every modern business needs a Customer relationship management system (CRM). A system that, when running correctly, should be the heartbeat of your organisation. A CRM however can't do everything for your organisation, which is where integrations come in. Integrations improve the reach and scope of your CRM allowing you to unify more branches of your business and enhance your capabilities.

But where do you start?

How do you know what integrations are going to be effective for your business needs, without costing you excessive budgets. This is where we come in. We work with you to understand your integration needs through guided workshops and consultancy sessions. We outline the most appropriate integrations based on your needs, then work with you to make them work. We work alongside your team to understand and translate your current CRM frustrations, working with you towards a streamlined, unified, and powerful platform.

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Integrations, without the excess budget

When it comes to CRM integrations, we're able to help, no matter what stage you're at. This includes:


  • Custom API integrations
  • Data structuring and data flow mapping
  • Data review and cleaning
  • Discovery and full build 
  • Naming convention creation
  • Plug and play integrations
  • Testing and UAT process

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What people are saying about us

Gareth Peterson

I rarely recommend ANYTHING unless I’ve received an exceptional experience, and this is one of those times. Adam and the Six & Flow team were rapid to respond to our request; they defined, built, delivered and optimised our sales CRM solution quickly and cost effectively over the Christmas period. Beyond implementing the solution ready for our new sales team starting, they set up a series of training sessions and supporting documentation. Furthermore they are still in touch today asking if there is anything else we need.

Gareth Peterson, Caroo
Alec Dobbie
Fan Finders

Rich, Ads, Charlotte and team have helped us put in a fab new HubSpot CRM, it connects with our current apps and lets us connect to the world. From B2B website, landing pages, customer CRM, phone integration, slack stuff to inbound marketing and clever sales/marketing funnels. They are great to work with on a personal level and know their onions professionally, They go above and beyond in their service level too, often replying on weekends and evenings. They have quickly become a core partner and will be staying that way for the foreseeable future. That was a bit gushy, wasn't it? But to be honest they know their sh*t and you will be super happy working with them.

Alec Dobbie, FanFinders Ltd
Conrad Baker

Adam at Six and Flow provided great support. He was timely, consistent and importantly, kept everything simple and straightforward. This was incredibly beneficial, as it helped me understand any issues and solutions a lot quicker. Adam also provided additional insight, that to be fair, wasn't in the original scope, but he was very supportive in helping us to bounce ideas. I would certainly use Six and Flow again. Thanks Adam.

Conrad B, Content + Cloud
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Who we’ve worked with

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Who we partner with

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