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Bad data costs liv..hoods

Your customers expect you to be connected, informed, and tech-savvy. At the minimum, they expect their name to be written correctly across all their interactions.

Delighted customers don’t begin with the transaction. It happens across the flywheel. They are the result of contextual marketing and effectively leveraging data.

A data strategy, data analytics, and clean data help you better understand your customers and result in sustainable growth.

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Data Services

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Core components of a data strategy

Create your data strategy

You have the data. It’s time to harness its value. 

Without the right strategy in place, you won’t be rendering the full potential of your data. It needs to be updated periodically and must be relevant to your business goals.

A data strategy enables you to manage and interpret data at a global scale. You can make informed decisions and discover new opportunities for optimisation.

No two data strategies are the same. A data strategy determines how you will collect, store, manage, share and use data.
Data analysis process

Data analytics

Unlock, analyze, and act on your data. 

When you start collecting and analyzing data you can stop running on instinct. It enables your organisation to confidently identify areas for improvement, capitalize on new opportunities, and target new markets.

Achieving analytics at scale starts with the data you gather, building the correct framework, and leveraging knowledge to successfully make meaningful insights.

With a data analytics strategy in place, you'll answer:

  • Who are my best customers?
  • How do I improve up-sell opportunities?
  • Which customers are at risk of churning?
  • Which audience segments should I target to increase ROI?
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Data cleansing

Data cleansing

Clean and accurate data is crucial.

Duplicate records, incomplete data, and systemless data impact your businesses’ growth. Messy and poorly maintained data make running good campaigns and driving performance a challenge.

You need clean, correct, and standardized data across your entire business.

Data cleansing enables you to speed up your workflows, drive actionable insights, and continue making data-driven decisions.

How we deliver

What it means to work with Six & Flow.

Receive a bespoke strategy based on data gathered and external data collected. Together, we start with a workshop, data analysis, cleansing and process mapping to create documentation for your team. 

Onboarding ensures you don't receive something you can't use. Your system needs to run by the needs of your team and they need to comfortably navigate the new processes. 


Why Six & Flow

Global Reach in EMEA, APAC, NAM, & LATAM. 

With insight into 15 different countries, and expert knowledge across go-to-market teams and CRM implementations, we work with you to first map your challenges and identify pain points. 

We understand that each organisation offers unique value. 

Book a free call.

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