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Whether you are an experienced marketing or sales pro or if you're relatively new to the world of growth marketing, we'll have events that are well suited to you throughout the year.

Breakfast briefings, learning lunches and evening meetups, we like to mix it up, so do keep checking back to find out when we're running our next event.


Past Events & Webinars

Check out our library of past event and webinar videos below.

The Evolution of CRM Systems (recording)

Webinar: The Evolution of CRM Systems

The CRM market has changed dramatically over the last few years. Many of the big players have upped their game and made a ton of improvements but the majority of users still aren’t taking advantage of all the changes.

Many companies use CRM systems that are too complicated. Using them requires a lot of time and effort from your sales and marketing teams. You can also end up with an empty database that doesn’t provide you with any insight into your customers.

But don’t panic...Steve Vaughan from HubSpot joined Six & Flow to chat about all the CRM changes you need to know about and how they can help you grow your business.

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Digital summit: Humans Come First (recordings)

Humans Come First Summit

The Humans Come First digital summit was a 2-day event intended to expand your horizons and give you ideas from a vast array of humans from different backgrounds and disciplines.

Together, we covered marketing and sales through to customer experience with specialists from across the globe discussing their area of expertise and analysing how it fits into the entire customer lifecycle.

Sessions were made up of talks from inspiring and knowledgeable people, interactive Q&As and insightful panel discussions.

Humans Come First is sponsored by and supported by Six & Flow and The Marketing Meetup.

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Webinar: I have no time for lead follow up (Recording)

Webinar: I have no time for lead follow up

As a marketer, we generate leads to generate interest in the hope that they become opportunities and ultimately… revenue. But do our leads always get followed up? Are your leads being ghosted? 👻

Often we end up feeling like our leads aren't being followed up and somehow a lot of good prospects fall through the cracks.

Six & Flow teamed up with Drift Email to chat through the tactics that you can do now to create a healthy pipeline within your email channel and discuss why lead follow up doesn’t have to suck.

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Webinar: Why your customer is your best salesperson (recording)

Why your customer is your best salesperson

People have changed. They are no longer patient and trusting when it comes to salespeople. The truth is they trust their family, friends, social comments and reviews more than they trust your marketing and ads.

That means we need to rethink how we market, sell and serve our customers.

We were joined by Steve from HubSpot to discuss why your customer is your best salesperson, why it's more important than ever to put the customer first and how service hub gives you everything you need to manage, help, and understand your customers.

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Webinar: Video Selling Workshop: Close deals faster (recording)

Video Selling Workshop

Back by popular demand, Ravi Persaud from Six & Flow and Yaniv Siegel from Vidyard teamed up once again for Part 2 of the Video Selling Workshop.

This time they broke down how you can use video in the later stages of the sales cycle.

Join us to learn some top tips and strategies for keeping your mid-stage prospects moving and winning your late-stage deals faster.

If you missed out on part 1, don't worry you can watch the recording here.

If you want to get 1:1 feedback and support you can fill in the survey here.

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Virtual event: Leeds HUG (recording)

Zoom pic-1


We recently hosted the first-ever virtual Leeds HUG (HubSpot User Group).

Our speakers were Six & Flow's very own Inbound Marketing Consultant Loua and HubSpot's Agency Consultant Bertrand Sempéré. They talked about Social Media and ABM to help you get the most out of your HubSpot and were on hand to answer questions and concerns.

Whether you’re a HubSpot customer, a partner agency, content writer, marketer, business owner or salesperson, this is definitely worth a watch!

We might not be able to meet in person right now but we can still grow the inbound community.

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Webinar: Contactless sales: winning business with video in a remote world (recording)

Contactless Sales Webinar


Calling all salespeople from SDRs & BDRs to AEs... Catch up on our interactive workshop where we dived into prospecting and closing deals with video as well as discussing how video can play a big part in all of your sales activity.

Yaniv from Vidyard and Ravi from Six & Flow covered everything from types of video to use and video sequences to must-have video email templates and subject lines that convert.

They also answer some interesting questions and give great examples of how they've seen it all work in practice.

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Webinar: Selling with empathy in 2020 (Recording)

Selling with empathy

We were joined by HubSpot to discuss the importance of selling with empathy right now.

As people begin to adjust to the situation and businesses start to alter their offerings to align with new customer needs, sales are starting to increase again.

So how can you sell during these uncertain times?

In this webinar, inbound sales professionals Steve and Charlotte talk through the best practices for selling with empathy to get your sales up and back on track.

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Webinar: Gain instant value from marketing 'Quick Wins' (recording)

New call-to-action

Six & Flow's Head of Strategy Adam, discussed the 'quick wins' that you can start implementing immediately to see real results, including:

  • Value proposition writing
  • Marketing moments
  • Interviews with former clients/prospects
  • Effective email list segmentation
  • Core content repurposing

As many people are focusing on short-term value, this webinar focuses on the best ways to do this whilst also keeping your long term strategy in mind.

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Webinar: This is not just remote work with Charlie HR (Recording)

Webinar Charlie HR


Charlie HR joined us on Wednesday 29th April to talk about adapting to the change in all aspects of your business.

They asked the question: How are you dealing with working remotely?

In this webinar, Ben - CEO of Charlie HR, and Rich - Six & Flow's Managing Director talk about everything from maintaining company culture to the sustainability of remote working.

They also discuss how to adapt leadership style and communication in a time of crisis, as well as being on hand to answer all of the questions and concerns.

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Webinar: How are brands interacting with customers in this changing context? (recording)

New call-to-action

We were joined by Typeform to discuss how to keep the communication and interaction, between brands and customers, strong during this time.

Are you maintaining that all-important human interaction?

As adapting to change remains a top priority for all businesses, find out new ways you could add value to your consumers right now and how Typeform can help.

In this webinar, Cristina and Rich talk about everything from conversations to quizzes to help support lead generation, customer success and everything in between.

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Webinar: Conversational marketing and growing online with Drift (Recording)



Drift joined us to talk about how conversational marketing can help your growth strategy right now by achieving high impact quick wins for your business.

Adapting to change is more important than ever amongst the uncertainty and constant change of the current climate. 

So, are you being conversational in your approach?

In this webinar, Erin Silva from Drift chat with Six & Flow's very own Managing Director Richard Wood about the importance of being human right now in everything from your tools to your messaging.

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Webinar: Going 'online & remote' with HubSpot (Recording)



HubSpot and Six & Flow talk about going online & remote in the face of COVID-19.

In these unprecedented times, it’s essential to be sympathetic and collaborative to remind us of our humanity and what’s important.

So what's out there that can help your business through these difficult times and how can you create an opportunity for transformation?

In this webinar, Steve and Charlotte, two inbound sales professionals, talk about generating business through inbound marketing and sales alongside 24/7 services and the reasons why businesses must go ‘more online’.

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Vidyard joined us to talk about humanising and accelerating your growth using video.

With what's going on across the planet, it's very much a changed landscape. Sales and marketing now need to be 'contactless'. No more physical meetings, no more networking events.

So how do you build those same lasting connections and how to you sign new business.

In this webinar, Yaniv and Ravi, two video selling experts, talk you through how you can use video in three main areas; Sales, Marketing and Customer Services.

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