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Whether you are an experienced marketing or sales pro or if you're relatively new to the world of growth marketing, we'll have events that are well suited to you throughout the year.

Breakfast briefings, learning lunches and evening meetups, we like to mix it up, so do keep checking back to find out when we're running our next event.

Webinar: Selling with empathy in 2020 (3rd June)

Selling with empathy

Join us, along with HubSpot, to discuss the importance of selling with empathy right now.

As people begin to adjust to the situation and businesses start to alter their offerings to align with new customer needs, sales are starting to increase again.

So how can you sell during these uncertain times?

In this webinar, inbound sales professionals Steve and Charlotte will be talking through the best practices for selling with empathy to get your sales up and back on track.

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Past Events & Webinars

Check out our library of past event and webinar videos below.

Webinar: Gain instant value from marketing 'Quick Wins' (recording)

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Six & Flow's Head of Strategy Adam, discussed the 'quick wins' that you can start implementing immediately to see real results, including:

  • Value proposition writing
  • Marketing moments
  • Interviews with former clients/prospects
  • Effective email list segmentation
  • Core content repurposing

As many people are focusing on short-term value, this webinar focuses on the best ways to do this whilst also keeping your long term strategy in mind.

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Webinar: This is not just remote work with Charlie HR (Recording)

Webinar Charlie HR


Charlie HR joined us on Wednesday 29th April to talk about adapting to the change in all aspects of your business.

They asked the question: How are you dealing with working remotely?

In this webinar, Ben - CEO of Charlie HR, and Rich - Six & Flow's Managing Director talk about everything from maintaining company culture to the sustainability of remote working.

They also discuss how to adapt leadership style and communication in a time of crisis, as well as being on hand to answer all of the questions and concerns.

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Webinar: How are brands interacting with customers in this changing context? (recording)

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We were joined by Typeform to discuss how to keep the communication and interaction, between brands and customers, strong during this time.

Are you maintaining that all-important human interaction?

As adapting to change remains a top priority for all businesses, find out new ways you could add value to your consumers right now and how Typeform can help.

In this webinar, Cristina and Rich talk about everything from conversations to quizzes to help support lead generation, customer success and everything in between.

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Webinar: Conversational marketing and growing online with Drift (Recording)



Drift joined us to talk about how conversational marketing can help your growth strategy right now by achieving high impact quick wins for your business.

Adapting to change is more important than ever amongst the uncertainty and constant change of the current climate. 

So, are you being conversational in your approach?

In this webinar, Erin Silva from Drift chat with Six & Flow's very own Managing Director Richard Wood about the importance of being human right now in everything from your tools to your messaging.

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Webinar: Going 'online & remote' with HubSpot (Recording)



HubSpot and Six & Flow talk about going online & remote in the face of COVID-19.

In these unprecedented times, it’s essential to be sympathetic and collaborative to remind us of our humanity and what’s important.

So what's out there that can help your business through these difficult times and how can you create an opportunity for transformation?

In this webinar, Steve and Charlotte, two inbound sales professionals, talk about generating business through inbound marketing and sales alongside 24/7 services and the reasons why businesses must go ‘more online’.

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Vidyard joined us to talk about humanising and accelerating your growth using video.

With what's going on across the planet, it's very much a changed landscape. Sales and marketing now need to be 'contactless'. No more physical meetings, no more networking events.

So how do you build those same lasting connections and how to you sign new business.

In this webinar, Yaniv and Ravi, two video selling experts, talk you through how you can use video in three main areas; Sales, Marketing and Customer Services.

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