Designed for ease, simplicity and impact, Growth Projects allow you to quickly implement sales & marketing actions that will boost your growth without depleting your resources. 

When you are trying to push your growth to the next stage sometimes you need an extra burst of focussed expertise. With Six & Flow's Growth Projects you can hire a team of marketing professionals with years of experience to implement the high impact tactics you need without the budgets or constraints of engaging with a longer-term strategic retained agency.

Marketing Projects at Speed


Marketing projects with clarity


Have control over your marketing


Growth Projects are designed to focus on immediate impact 'quick wins', reducing friction and enabling you to implement clear tactical outcomes with no need for long term resource planning.

What are Growth Projects?

At times, you need to be able to focus less on the strategy and long-terms goals and roll out high-impact quick wins in your marketing, sales and customer service.

Sometimes, you may only have limited bandwidth or missing some know-how internally. You’re not sure on the credentials of the freelancers out there, but you don’t have the budget for a long-term agency commitment.

That’s where Growth Projects come in. They’re designed to give you flexibility, control and access to an accredited, expert team well versed in delivering client impact.

With Growth Projects, the focus is on short-term, high impact activity with no long-term commitment.

Sales & Marketing Growth Projects

Our Approach to Growth Projects

Growth Projects solve your problems quickly by bolstering your resources targeted input. Growth Projects enable you to make an impact on your strategic aims with the expertise of an experienced agency with the flexibility of a freelancer. We're one of the highest-ranked HubSpot, Drift and Vidyard agencies on the planet. With that experience comes speed and quality.

Generate Leads

  • Webinar campaigns
  • Video selling campaigns
  • Social media campaigns
  • Blogging campaigns
  • Sales enablement
  • Infographics
  • etc...

Improve Your Site

  • HubSpot landing pages
  • Email templates
  • Blog templates
  • Conversational set up
  • Automations and Integrations
  • etc...

Optimise your team

  • HubSpot setup, training and support
  • Drift setup and training
  • Vidyard setup, training and coaching
  • Typeform setup and integration
  • etc...

Our Clients


Who are Growth Projects for?

Growth Projects are designed for two situations; price sensitivity and short term need.

Budgets and the need for flexibility often constrain businesses being able to engage with an agency on a longer-term strategic retainer.

Sometimes businesses have an immediate need (implementation, training, capacity) but don’t want to commit to the long-term.

The businesses using Growth Projects are normally either:

  • Small & Medium sized businesses with limited budgets
  • Large business with a short term need for experience
  • All businesses with an immediate need for capacity

By using Growth Projects to deliver elements of your core growth activity, you’ll have more time to focus on strategy and direction internally.

How do Growth Projects work?

Designed for ease, simplicity and impact, Growth projects are activities with clear outcomes and timeframes.

When you’ve identified a need or a challenge you’re having with your marketing, sales or service processes, you can either tell us what need from our list of services or we’ll help you define a solution that suits.

Activity like:

  • Rolling out technology (e.g. HubSpot or Drift)
  • Building landing pages or email creative
  • Creating high value content
  • Social media support
  • Training

The first time we work together, we’ll also perform a quick audit of your activity to make sure the activity is going to have the impact you need. We’ll then deliver the project.

Once everything is in place, we’ll then report back on the activity and give you and outline of other areas you might want to consider.


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What people are saying about us

Working with S&F is great, they are super responsive, very clear in the communication with a steady flow (which is not that common) and definitely went the extra mile with our requirements.

Pasquale Romito, Liqid GmbH

Considering a Growth Project?

Growth Projects can give you the immediate impact you need while considering your longer-term strategic goals. Chat with one of our team now to see if a Growth Project can add value to your business.