HubSpot & ERP Integrations

HubSpot & ERP is a powerful mix. HubSpot is a powerful CRM platform. A properly executed CRM-ERP integration connects business-critical tools to offer a 360-degree view of your marketing, customers, profit, and more. 

Growth through sales, marketing and customer service are run through HubSpot, business process and fulfilment through ERPs like SAP, Sage, MSDynamics & Orderwise.

It's the best of both worlds.

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SAP ERP HubSpot Integration
HubSpot and ERP integration (Orderwise, Sage, Dynamics, SAP)
Creating Your Tool Stack

The differences between ERP & CRM

An ERP and a CRM are similar in the sense that they are both data stores crucial to your company's ability to manage, carry out, organise, and act on all business functions.  An ERP and CRM both contribute to the growth and profitability of your business by streamlining these business processes.

CRMs focus on the customer experience, streamlining your interactions with current and potential customers by automating repetitive tasks and sharing data among sales, marketing, and customer service.

ERPs focus on the company’s overall health and internal performance commonly used to help enterprise-size organizations unify their business functions and communications in order to reduce costs and increase revenue.


Our approach to ERP Integrations

With any ERP and CRM integration, we start with a workshop to understand the business case and speak with stakeholders. 

The goal of the integration is to create a single source of truth within your CRM. We work closely with your team to create a bespoke strategy and develop the processes to synchronise data between your ERP and HubSpot. 

Once the strategy is implemented and the two tools are communicating with each other harmoniously, it's time to deliver training and support.

Our approach to CRM & ERP Integrations is to create and implement a strategy, then offer you the tools to continue using the strategy for long-term success. 

Why should you integrate your systems

Traditionally, ERP and CRM have remained separate solutions as people often think that they do the same thing. However, integrating your CRM and ERP can streamline business processes in effective ways.

Imagine being able to have salespeople send orders directly to your fulfillment office. or Marketers being able to personalise offers based on what is in stock minute by minute. Imagine how effective it would be for your finance department to see the revenue coming into your pipeline in real-time. By integrating these systems you are removing friction across your departments creating a better end-to-end experience for customers.

Integrating systems that hold key information that's critical to your business's growth and success gives you more visibility on your entire operation or in other words a "single source of truth" that many organisations strive for. 

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ERPs we've integrated

  • Six & Flow Sage HubSpot Integrations
  • Six & Flow Dynamics Integrations
  • Six & Flow SAP Integrations
  • Six & Flow Oracle Integrations
  • Six & Flow SyteLine Integrations
  • Six & Flow IFS Integrations
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Keep your systems in sync

What happens in one system will appear in another. Bi-directional syncs enhance the functionality of each software. 

For ERPs and CRMs, a two-way data sync helps you better understand customer needs which in turn improves manufacturing forecasting, distribution and ultimately, your bottom line.

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