HubSpot for Manufacturing

Increase website visitors. Scale lead generation. Convert. 

For today’s manufacturers, product differentiation alone is not enough. To outpace the competition, you need to gain visibility into your entire customer journey and create efficiencies at every step of your sales, marketing and service processes.

HubSpot for Manufacturing
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Manufacturing | Why HubSpot

Why manufacturing organisations need a CRM

Manufacturers can leverage HubSpot’s growth stack to stay ahead of the competition. This can be achieved by:

  • Generate meaningful traffic and improve lead generation.
  • Understand how and when to deliver value.
  • Capture a centralized view of the customer and your relationships.
  • Improve sales efficiency by communicating with higher-quality leads. 


Contacts by persona

Connect with buyers in a human way

Update, curate and publish value-add content 

Manufacturers often have a great deal of product and technical documentation but struggle to create content that connects with their buyers in a human way. 

Improve custom lead generation by discovering what content your visitors find most valuable with HubSpot. By aligning marketing and sales processes, your sales team can then follow up with the right-fit customers immediately. 

Manufacturers we've worked with

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Marketing Hub | Convert More Leads

Create marketing strategies that drive results

Get found, engage distributors, and nurture opportunities.

Outdated outreach tactics no longer work for today’s buyer-centric processes. Customers expect campaigns to be highly targeted. 

With the HubSpot marketing platform, you can create highly personalized content, emails and advertisements that are more likely to convert. 

  • Automate email campaigns to generate and nurture leads.
  • Post, manage and analyze social media accounts directly inside HubSpot. 
  • Show relevant messages based on visitors' behaviour and buyer persona. 
Sales Hub | Deal Pipeline

Gain control over your entire sales cycle

Sell faster and easier

The key to a successful manufacturing sales process is to avoid playing catch-up, forecast sales effectively and ultimately, and close more deals, faster. 

With HubSpot Sales Hub, you can tap into a wealth of data, leverage automation, and communicate with customers at scale. 

  • Create a customised pipeline that tracks prospects’ activity.
  • Automate emails and set up tasks to ensure no lead slips through the cracks. 
  • Gain full visibility into your sales activity to forecast effectively.
  • Automation that enables your sales team to prioritise leads. 
Service Hub | Customer Portal

Differentiate with world-class service

Gain a complete view of your customer’s activity

Enriching relationships is a necessary step to scale revenue and delight customers.

Manufacturers can leverage HubSpot’s Service Hub to offer a seamless, integrated customer experience. 

  • Resolve customer support tickets transparently through customer portals.
  • Customise the customer experience and buy-back time for your team with automated feedback surveys.
  • Buy-back time for your team by recording, organising, and tracking product warranties and service requests within HubSpot’s ticketing tool.

Integrations we've done

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Operations Hub | Integrations

Establish a single source of truth

Create a connected experience

It’s frustrating to have data scattered across different tools and spreadsheets, but more importantly, it's also inefficient. Manufacturers need to create a friction-free experience for their teams by connecting data across your tech stack and automating processes. 

HubSpot’s CRM enables you to unify your marketing, sales, and service databases.

  • Centralise data across teams. 
  • Seamlessly integrate HubSpot with the tools in your tech stack.
  • Custom automation actions to create processes for lead rotation and territory management.

Working with Six & Flow

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HubSpot implementation

We work with you to optimise your HubSpot portal by starting with guided workshops and consultancy sessions designed to help you get the most from your investment.

Build a high-quality pipeline

Customer journey mapping

We work with your team to standardise, and capture a clear customer journey mapped with regular automated touchpoints for potential buyers.

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Custom integration development

We offer integration support to ensure you have a platform that balances growth, supports the whole business and sits as a single source of truth.

Single source of truth in HubSpot

Data strategy solutions

We focus on key optimisation elements like property cleansing, workflow re-alignment, and data collection enforcement.

Custom CRM & Integration strategy

Case Study: Phaidon International

Phaidon International needed an advanced CRM and data structure that could provide accurate and actionable data. 

Phaidon International worked closely with us to optimise HubSpot and connect the CRM platform to Mercury and Microsoft Dynamics. This helped facilitate growth by giving the company clarity on its data and processes as well as automating repetitive tasks.

Read the full case study



Phaidon International
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What can you do with HubSpot

The number one CRM for usability & adoption.

HubSpot is a powerful tool. With everything located in the same interface, your HubSpot CRM is no longer a sales tool. It’s a business tool.  

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