Sales Hub Implementation

    The HubSpot sales hub is a powerful. piece of tech that will help to align streamline and optimise your. sales efforts effectivel. If you work with us we review how your sales and marketing are working together and look at ways to optimise towards revenue goals. With the launch of Sales Hub Enterprise, HubSpot laid down some serious competition to CRM incumbents like Salesforce and Dynamics 365.

    We’re here to help you get up and running with the HubSpot Enterprise CRM so you can start delivering outstanding results across sales, marketing, and customer service. We provide:

    • Full Sales Hub scoping 
    • Sales flow mapping
    • Sales process review
    • Sales implementation
    • Sales scripts, templates, playbooks and collateral
    • Sales coaching
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    Our process

    Our CRM implementation methodology is designed to help sales teams make the most of the advanced features on offer from HubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise, but also to get them up and running fast with a CRM that meets their own unique needs.

    1. Pre-workshop prep

    We kickstart the requirements capture process with video interviews with key stakeholders across your business, as well as a survey circulated around the wider team.

    2. On-site workshop

    Our on-site workshop is where we really get under the skin of your business, looking at everything from your top-line business challenges to your lifecycle stage definitions, sales process and opportunities for automation.

    3. CRM strategy delivered

    The outcome of the workshop is a documented CRM strategy that describes in depth how we propose to implement Sales Hub Enterprise in light of your unique challenges.

    4. CRM setup

    We populate your HubSpot Enterprise CRM with contact and company data, build reports and templates, and map your sales process to features within HubSpot.

    5. Integration

    We ensure your CRM is connected with any supplementary tools required by you or recommended by us, such as Drift for conversational sales and marketing, Pandadoc for document automation, and Databox for real-time reporting.

    6. Automation

    We build deal workflows and sales sequences to automate repetitive and low-value tasks, allowing your sales team to focus on selling.

    7. Training and support

    We provide tailored training and support to upskill your team and help them make the most of HubSpot, getting them certified and delivering group and one-to-one training.

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