Sales Hub Implementation

Align, streamline and optimise your sales efforts. 

Our team of certified HubSpot experts will work with you so that your sales team can focus on what they do best. Selling. Start delivering outstanding results across sales, marketing, & customer service.

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Optimise your flywheel with Sales Hub

Empower Your Sales Team

Streamline leads, better engage with customers, and align your sales & marketing teams. 

Our approach starts by understanding your organisation's perceived needs across all your go-to-market teams. By implementing with Six & Flow you will receive: 

  • A sales hub that is set up to understand your unique business needs
  • A connected platform that shares insight into every customer interaction
  • A clean database with access to the tools needed to build and grow remarkable customer experiences
  • Resources and training to set your team up for success

Grow better with Sales Hub

Sales hub offers an easy-to-use platform that will grow with your organisation. By offering a centralised platform for both sales and marketing teams, you can track customer interactions across the entire customer journey. Gain deeper insights into your prospects, automate busywork, and close more deals faster. 

Key features of HubSpot's sales hub include:

  • Sales analytics and reporting 
  • Sales automation 
  • Email templates & tracking
  • Pipeline management
  • Call tracking
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How Six & Flow helps you grow better

By now you know that Sales Hub helps you better manage prospects, automate tasks and close deals faster. Make the most out of your Hubspot implementation with Six & Flow.

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