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So you have amazing marketing and sales teams and they are onboarding customers like hotcakes, Amazing! High Fives all round! Now you can rest easy right? Wrong....

  • What happens when these customers need help?
  • How do you gather feedback from them?
  • How do you ensure that they actually enjoy your product?

A happy customer is your greatest lead generation source but an unhappy customer can spell ruin for any organisation. Everyone in your business — especially marketers — is in charge of the customer experience and ensuring that your customers are kept happy and engaged. But doing this requires effort and more than a few spreadsheets and emails

The good news is that the HubSpot Service Hub isn’t just here to help organisations meet the needs of the customer better. The tools in Service Hub Professional will help you improve initiatives, gain insight into much-needed content, and turn your customers into some of your best marketers.

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What is customer success

Essentially, customer success is about making sure customers achieve their desired results while using your product or service. But more than that, it’s about making this success as easy as possible by providing better service, ensuring your customers get the most out of your product and service, and overcome any problems quickly.

If your customers achieve some success using your services but have a bad experience while doing so, or feel like they were constantly left to fend for themselves or overcome problems, chances are they’ll ditch your product for another one that does roughly the same thing.

Especially if they think they’ll get better service.

Don’t believe us. How about the fact that a Microsoft study found that 61% of consumers have stopped using a product or service based entirely on a poor customer experience?

Or that 58% of consumers say customer service is a very important factor when determining loyalty to a particular brand?

These are issues customers are raising.

Any customer success strategy should be developed with this one thing in mind. You might have the best product out there, but if your service is poor, customers won’t just stick with you.

Why the Service Hub

Service Hub helps customer service teams enrich the customer experience. It helps your team engage with your customers at any time and place through chat and email, guide your customers to solutions through knowledge base, and grow your business through customer feedback.

As your company grows and customers interact with more and more people across the business, it’s apparent that the customer experience isn’t solely owned by the customer service team anymore.

Six & Flow will help you to map out your entire customer lifecycle and show you areas where there can be interactions to delight the customer using the service hub.

Adam Aigbokhae | Strategy Director | Six & Flow
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