HubSpot Vs. Salesforce Cost Comparison.

A Research Report on Team Structures and Total Cost of Ownership

Uncover the hidden disparities between team structures and ownership costs when adopting HubSpot or Salesforce.

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HubSpot Vs. Salesforce - team structures

Do you need to hire for your new CRM

Team Structures - HubSpot vs Salesforce

As your company grows, so does your CRM team. But how does this growth differ with HubSpot and Salesforce?


Salesforce teams consistently grow in size as the company scales, reflecting strategic alignment amid rising complexities. This indicates that extracting maximum value from this CRM requires a larger team.


On the other hand, HubSpot allows for dynamic, non-linear headcount growth. This means you can meet your needs effectively without linear scaling.

Roles for CRM Adoption

Engineering Teams

Engineering Teams

HubSpot doesn't require linear scaling of engineering teams as your company grows. With Salesforce, a consistent engineering team size is maintained regardless of company size.


Salesforce requires ongoing support and maintenance resources while HubSpot doesn't necessitate architectural roles.

CRM Support Team

CRM Support Team

Salesforce's support team is extensive in larger enterprises, constituting over 48% of the workforce in companies with more than 5,001 employees.

Product Managers & Engineering Leads

Product Managers & Engineering Leads

As company sizes increase, these roles become focal points on both platforms.

Approaches to managing HubSpot Software

Total Cost of Ownership in your CRM Implementation

The Cost Factor - HubSpot vs Salesforce

When evaluating the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), personnel costs are a significant factor.


Salesforce, especially in bigger companies, can cost up to $250,000 a year for a team of two administrators.


In contrast, HubSpot maintains a compact team size across various company sizes. In a survey conducted in 2023, HubSpot saw that 86% of all HubSpot Sales Hub and Marketing Hub teams had their current staff managing the platform. 

Salesforce vs HubSpot: The Verdict.

Salesforce stands out for its strategic scalability, while HubSpot shines in its ease of use.

Salesforce requires a deliberate alignment of talent with the complexities of customisation and management.

HubSpot can lead to reduced staffing requirements and less complexity in maintaining and supporting the system as your business expands.

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HubSpot Vs. Salesforce

Evaluate HubSpot VS. Salesforce

Unpack team structures and total cost of ownership in Salesforce and HubSpot. 


Our research offers a comprehensive understanding of Salesforce and HubSpot, equipping businesses with the knowledge to make informed decisions. Consider factors like team size, specialised roles, platform complexity, and total cost of ownership to select a CRM platform that supports your growth and success.


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