We're growing... and we want you...

Six & Flow has seen two incredible years of growth and with several new client wins and a healthy pipeline, we're looking to grow our amazing team again.

There are a whole host of roles we're looking to fill, but equally, if you think you'd be a good fit for our inbound marketing agency, we'd love to hear from you anyway. 

Email us at hello@sixandflow.com (p.s. we're not looking to work with recruiters on any of these roles).


[fa icon="plus-square"] Business Development Manager

Job Description

We are looking for a Business Development Manager to help us grow the business with clients that fit, not just clients that make a quick profit. We’re looking for someone who can come and pour petrol on our sales fire.

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[fa icon="plus-square"] Inbound Marketing Strategist

We are looking for an inbound marketing strategist to join our team. Our expanding base of awesome clients needs more tender loving hands to caress them to greatness. 

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[fa icon="plus-square"] Inbound Marketing Executive

We are looking for an inbound marketing executive to join our team. Someone who loves to cobble together words to inspire greatness (and sales). We want an all-rounder but someone who is also awesome in the content realm.

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[fa icon="plus-square"] Biddable Media Manager

We are looking for a biddable media manager to join our team. Someone who has been around the biddable block, likes to step outside of the mundane PPC only campaigns but can also own the numbers and back the incremental gains... basically the perfect candidate is a PPC geek who believes in the inbound methodology, is able to accelerate content in front of the right people and likes to continually evolve the process.

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We are a proudly "team first" agency, founded on the principle that by building the right team and then finding the right clients to fit that team, we deliver better results for our clients. Over the past two years, we've proved that's true. Our team is happy, our clients get great results and we are growing. 


Our core values

Our values are important to us, so if you think you match the below... we really want to speak to you...

1. Accountability

Because we believe in earning trust. It’s important to us that we can be counted on both in a personal and professional sense. This is why we make good on our promises, whether they’re made to our clients, colleagues or suppliers.

2. Holistic Thinking

Because we believe that every client is different, and needs an open perspective to find what works for them. As a result, we’re continually looking for new ways to add value to our work. Creating is what we do best.

3. Playfulness

Because it improves our life, our work and our results for clients. We focus on having fun with our work and refuse to take ourselves too seriously. Life is just too short for uninspired marketing campaigns.

4. Growth

Because it’s an inherent need and want for any business (and anyone, for that matter). This is why we devise strategies that deliver sustained growth for our clients, our company and for ourselves as individuals.

We'd love for you to be the next part of our team.


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