A Focus on Growth: Our 90 Days To Excellence Program

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Sarah - 09.08.2022
Six & Flow's training program

Learning and development should be more than just a program, it needs to be part of an organisation's culture. 

And, it shouldn’t stop at the onboarding stage.

Most organisations offer onboarding programs to ensure the team member is adequately prepared to succeed. After all, regardless of which role you step into, there are always new challenges to face. 

We’ve all been there… we have to learn about the company's culture, how they operate, their processes and more. Onboarding is about equipping new team members with the resources they need to succeed in their role at a new organisation.

But, why do so many organisations stop there? 

Regardless of industry, businesses need to equip their people for when they take on new challenges. And I guarantee… most employees are pretty eager to take on these new initiatives.

That’s why at Six & Flow, we recognise this gap from initial onboarding to reaching that next career milestone.

If you’ve read about how we hire, you’ll know that we’ve developed a 4-step interview process to hire exceptional people. 

We’re invested in finding great talent. But, we’re also invested in keeping great talent. After all, it’s rooted in our culture


Six & Flow’s 90 Days to Excellence (90DTE) Program

The learning and development program is designed to help team members gain new skills and knowledge that will help them grow their careers. It’s a weekly session where the team member meets 1:1 with a mentor at Six & Flow. 

90DTE programs are flexible and customized to each team member. We share our input on key skills, both hard and soft, that we desire to learn, in addition to the areas our mentor identifies as opportunities for upskilling. 

90 DTE Grads


Growth as a core value

We believe in growth not just for the business but for the individuals that make up our business. 

It’s important that every single team member, at any stage in their career, feels that they have the opportunity to learn and grow. 


How we developed an effective 90DTE program

Offering a training program is not about checking off a box. We wanted to show our team that we truly care and strive to create a better workplace experience for all.

That’s why our 90DTE program is designed to: 

  • Be relevant to each individual 
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest growth strategies
  • Offer control of their learning 
  • Offer actionable takeaways that can be implemented after each session


Addressing the gap between onboarding and career advancement within Six & Flow 

At Six & Flow, new employees take part in our 90 Days to Success (90DTS).

It's important that we support and guide new team members with their transition into becoming fully-fledged members of the Six & Flow team. 

You can even read about one of our BDR’s first few months at Six & Flow

The 90DTS program strives to help new team members feel valued, to be happy and to be engaged with all things Six & Flow as soon as possible.

But, it’s important that we don’t stop there. Growth is a lifelong journey. 

We offer weekly training sessions led by team members and encourage self-learning. 

That being said, there is still a gap between initial onboarding and empowering our team with skills for career advancement. And unfortunately, most companies don’t address this gap. People may find themselves in a new role (hoorah!), but without the foundational skills to excel in this new role. 

That’s where our 90DTE program comes in. We are equipping people with the skills they need to take on new challenges. 

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