Call-to-actions: Optimise your sales funnel with the right CTA

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Sarah - 08.04.2022
Call to actions: Optimise your sales funnel with the right CTA

Will you make your sales funnel, or break it?

That's the impact choosing the right CTA can have.

A call to action should encourage your visitor to take action. And, it's important that you select the right call-to-action according to the specific buyer stage.

Too many people use the wrong CTA at the wrong time - they use high-intent BOFU CTAs like Book a demo the second a prospect shows even a sliver of interest. But, in reality, you should be nurturing them through the Awareness and Consideration stages instead.

The Revops metrics you should start tracking

Let's start with a glossary.

Top of the Funnel (TOFU):

The first stage in your sales funnel is where people become aware of their problem or challenge. TOFU content and call-to-actions are designed for the Awareness stage.

Middle of the Funnel (MOFU):

The second stage in your sales funnel is where people are considering their options to solve their problems. MOFU content and call-to-actions are designed for the Consideration stage.

Bottom of the Funnel (BOFU):

The final stage in your sales funnel is where people are ready to make a purchase. BOFU content and call-to-actions are designed for the Decision stage.

The buyer's journey:

The buyer's journey is the process that buyers go through when making a purchasing decision. It typically consists of three stages: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. 


Why the wrong CTA can break your sales funnel

Too often, businesses make the mistake of using the same call-to-action (CTA) regardless of where their prospect is in the buyer's journey. However, using the wrong CTA at the wrong stage can break your sales funnel and cost you valuable leads.

Let's say, for example, that you sell software that helps businesses manage their finances. A prospect in the Awareness stage is not yet aware of your product or the problem it solves. At this stage, your goal should be to educate them about the problem and how your product can help solve it.

If you were to use a BOFU CTA like "Book a demo" at this stage, you would likely lose the lead because they are not yet ready to make a purchase. However, if you were to use a TOFU CTA like "read our blog on financial management," you would be providing valuable content that would help nurture the lead through the Awareness and Consideration stages until they reach the Decision stage.


What does customer behaviour look like at the TOFU stage?

At this stage, prospects are not yet ready to commit to a purchase, but they are starting to search for information about potential solutions.

TOFU marketing activities should therefore focus on education and awareness-building, rather than selling.

For example, content marketing strategies such as blog posts and guides can help TOFU prospects to understand their problem and start considering possible solutions.

Once they move further down the funnel and become more interested in a specific product or service, they can be targeted with more sales-oriented messages.


Examples of TOFU CTA's for the Awareness stage

  1. "Watch the recording..."
  2. "Download our free guide on..."
  3. "Read the blog"
  4. "Sign up for the newsletter"
  5. "Listen to the podcast"
  6. "Sign up for new podcast reminders"
  7. "Follow us on social media"
  8. "Access the report.."
  9. "Learn how to..."
  10. "View the infographic..."

A note about call to actions: These CTAs should provide direction on the type of content the visitor is interested in. We encourage you to have fun with the CTAs you choose. Make the text compelling! Use language that motivates the user to make the click!


What does behaviour look like at the MOFU stage?

During this stage, prospects are aware of their problem and are beginning to consider potential solutions. They are actively evaluating their options and comparing different products or services.

The goal of MOFU marketing is to educate prospects and help them narrow down their choices. This can be done through blog posts, ebooks, webinars, and other forms of content that provide information about your product or service.

By the end of the MOFU stage, prospects should have a good understanding of your offering and how it can meet their needs.


Examples of MOFU CTA's for the Consideration stage

  1. "Take the quiz"
  2. "Attend the webinar"
  3. "Access the whitepaper..."
  4. "Read the case study"
  5. "Watch the case study"
  6. "Attend the webinar on..."
  7. "Download the e-book on..."
  8. "Check out our testimonials"
  9. "Read our FAQs"
  10. "Watch the product tour"

What does behaviour look like at the BOFU stage?

During this stage, customers have already decided that they need a product or service and are now researching their options. They are comparing different products and brands and looking for the best deal.

BOFU marketing is focused on helping potential customers make an informed decision and providing them with the information they need to make a purchase. This includes creating targeted content such as product comparisons, reviews, and pricing information.

By providing potential customers with the resources they need to make a purchase, businesses can increase sales and conversion rates.


Examples of BOFU CTA's for the Decision stage

  1. "Request a demo"
  2. "Get a free trial"
  3. "Buy now!"
  4. "Add to cart!"
  5. "Get a free consultation on..."
  6. "Find out more about our services..."
  7. "Try it for free"
  8. "Start my free trial"
  9. "Schedule"
  10. "Talk to somebody on our team"

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