Check out our chatbot and conversational marketing infographic

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Duncan - 21.04.2019
Check out our chatbot and conversational marketing infographic

Chatbots can complement your website and social media presence, conducting scripted conversations to solve common problems and spark new relationships. But how on earth should you go about scripting them? GET YOUR FREE GUIDE TO CHATBOT BEST PRACTICES


The benefits of chatbots

We know consumers spend plenty of time on their mobile devices every day, especially when it comes to social media platforms. However, it's impossible for the team to answer every query from consumers in various time zones, so chatbots can pick up the slack and qualify leads when your sales team are sound asleep.

Chatbots can act as an interactive FAQ page, following carefully-designed scripts to answer common queries. They can also automatically welcome new website leads or social media followers, ensuring your brand reaches out to prospects on a one-to-one basis. It's even possible to marry chatbot technology with live chat applications, ensuring queries are picked up immediately whether or not your team is available to talk.

Chatbots can help businesses generate and nurture leads, build better relationships with customers, collect in-depth lead data and improve conversions. As a result, they can streamline internal processes, delight prospects and boost sales revenue. Less work for your team, more benefits for your business.


The biggest chatbot challenges

Here's the issue. Chatbots are only as good as their script and their purpose, so we need to make sure you are aware of what your consumer wants to know. This is where our old friend the persona comes in.

Personas and chatbots are symbiotic. A great chatbot can identify your persona quickly for the benefit of your sales team, but with a bit of smart planning, your persona can give the chatbot a lot more direction to nurture these contacts effectively.

Consumers use chatbots for a succinct and quick transfer of knowledge, so create a great user experience with a clear decision path. Instead of creating a universal tool without a specific purpose, implement one measurable goal for each chatbot. Rather than be passive, give leads the direction they need to find solutions.

Once you have some data, confirm your assumptions and make iterative improvements.


The Six & Flow solution

We align chatbots based on individual web pages in relation to funnel stage and industry. This simple process can then help to qualify web traffic and collect vital details. Our infographic below demonstrates what we mean...


Check out our chatbot and conversational marketing infographic


It's really as simple as that! If you have any questions, let us know, we love a new challenge.

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