Combining conversational commerce with inbound marketing

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John - 11.06.2018
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Want to refine your business online, boost its growth potential, build stronger relationships with customers, free up time in your sales and marketing departments and target better prospects? It sounds like a dream; with the right inbound marketing and conversational commerce strategy though, it could be a reality sooner than you think.

We know because we're doing it on a daily basis for our clients. Working with them to create strong inbound marketing for ecommerce strategies, implement chatbots and introduce them to powerful software like the HubSpot platform, we're doing all of the above and more, helping them to take the next step and grow in their respective sectors.

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When it comes to inbound though, we can't praise the HubSpot platform enough. HubSpot and ecommerce strategies have been key to our success, especially when complementing it with powerful chatbot software like Drift. Here's why you should consider inbound marketing for ecommerce if you aren't already.


HubSpot and ecommerce: Better than outbound

First, it's worth underlining why inbound is better than outbound when it comes to marketing. Instead of cold calling, cold emailing and other impersonal, annoying (and perhaps illegal after GDPR) outreach methods with outbound, inbound allows you to better target and engage with prospects in a more natural, ethical way across a variety of channels.

Social media channels such as Facebook, search channels such as Google, blog channels and many others are all essential parts of the inbound process, especially when it comes to accepting data from leads, targeting them and reaching out to them.

According to HubSpot research, a third of marketers think outbound is overrated while 45% of salespeople say they spend more than an hour performing manual data entry.

That's why HubSpot can be such a gamechanger to brands interested in or already practising inbound marketing; its tools can automate procedures such as data entry, allowing your sales team to concentrate more on interacting with leads. HubSpot can also better align sales and marketing departments, improve lead quality and much more besides.

So, where does conversational commerce come into the equation?


Join the chatbot revolution with conversational commerce

Though we and a lot of other people (business owners and consumers included) love the benefits that inbound can bring, some of the online process can be over-reliant on forms.

Understandably so; when targeting prospects through inbound for B2B and B2C you'll need detailed information ethically left through forms to better interact with customers and improve your overall inbound efforts.

That's where conversational commerce platforms like Drift are revolutionising the inbound process. Drift is the leading player in conversational commerce and marketing techniques, and we've seen first-hand exactly what the platform can do as the UK's first Drift partner.

Not just for our clients but for ourselves, too. We've grown our leads by 23% by spending only 20 minutes a day on Drift's conversational marketing platform (which can also integrate into HubSpot), helped one client move into the U.S. market, generated $700,000 USD in revenue for a client in four months through Drift leads and more - read all about it here.

Conversational chatbots can better qualify leads than using traditional forms and calls in minutes through scripted and real-time chats with prospects, cutting days and weeks from the sales cycle. More free time, better leads and more informed consumers. What more could you want?

Find out more about the incredible benefits inbound and conversational marketing could bring your business by speaking to the Six & Flow team today.


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