Creating Content with HubSpot's Content Hub

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Manveen Kaur - 17.04.2024
Creating Content with HubSpot's Content Hub

What is Content Hub?

Content Hub is an efficient AI-powered tool designed to make life easier for content marketers. It helps you create and manage engaging, personalised content that really clicks with your audience, from the first click to the final conversion. 

Here’s a brief video with a quick overview of the content hub and what’s new here:


Create Content with HubSpot’s Content Hub

From determining the right type of content to generating leads and publishing across multiple channels, we know all too well that content creation is no walk in the park. Let’s see how HubSpot’s new Content Hub feeds into this and helps make the lives of us content marketers easier.


1. Website Builder

What if you could build websites without a developer or learning to code?

With this innovative feature, you can effortlessly create new​​​​ websites and microsites through drag and drop editor to create and customise your business websites without coding or technical skills.

You can even leverage pre-built themes to publish your websites faster and enhance user experience with custom modules. 

Moreover, HubSpot's customer platform complements website-building efforts by offering tools like forms, live chat, meetings tools, and reporting capabilities to track and convert leads into customers, making it a comprehensive solution for growing businesses.


2. AI Blog Post Generator

Thanks to AI, the days of dealing with writer's block are behind us. What a relief!

With HubSpot’s AI blog generator, you can further reduce your blog writing time and increase output frequency without additional investments. The AI content assistant generates new blog posts by providing prompts or topics, conducts initial research, and drafts content that can be edited to match brand voice and audience preferences. 

At Six & Flow we often like to use this tool to create outlines or rough drafts of posts, while we mainly focus on polishing and publishing content. 

Furthermore, HubSpot's built-in reporting helps measure content ROI and create engaging content at scale with AI assistance.

3. AI Image Generator

With a wide range of pre-defined styles such as 3D-model, analogue film, anime, cinematic, and more, you can easily request images tailored to your specific needs. Simply select an image module, specify the style and dimensions you prefer, and describe the image you need. HubSpot's AI will then generate multiple options for you to choose from, ensuring that your content visuals align perfectly with your brand and messaging.

4. Post narration

Transform your written blog posts into audio clips, which can then be seamlessly incorporated into your posts via an audio widget. This functionality provides marketers with a creative method to adapt their existing blog material for auditory listeners, catering to those who favour listening over reading. Integrating this audio element into your blog's design will require the expertise of a developer.

5. AI Translations

With DeepL integrated into HubSpot you can seamlessly translate page and post content into multiple languages. This feature allows you to create new language variations or replace existing content with translated versions effortlessly. Whether generating new multi-language variations or translating existing content, the process is simplified with just a few clicks. This capability opens up your brand for opportunities to reach new markets and manage in-language variants efficiently with 30+ languages available.

6. Brand Voice

Creating branded content at scale has never been easier. With AI content creation capabilities, you can ensure consistency and authenticity across various platforms, including blogs, email, and social media. HubSpot analyses your existing content to define the brand voice which helps craft AI content that resonates with customers and maintains consistency in tone.

7. Content Remix

Content Remix takes existing blog posts or pages and generates new content, expanding your reach, attracting new audiences, and creating entire campaigns with ease. It helps you break free from content creation bottlenecks, maximise your competitiveness without scaling your budget, and ensure your content is accessible across different channels and devices. You can now explore new content channels and formats with minimal effort, optimising your marketing strategy and driving customer acquisition.

8. Podcasts

With this feature, you can extend your reach by catering to audiences with audio content preferences, reaching a broader audience base. The AI-powered features reduce the time and effort required to produce audio content, making podcast creation more efficient. By providing a written copy of the show transcript, Podcast Hosting automates the creation of audio podcasts, hosts the files, and syndicates them for use with all popular podcast providers.

9. Smart Content

HubSpot's smart content modules let you tailor your customer's website experience using CRM data. You can personalise content on your site, like images and text, for different segments, making sure specific segments get targeted experience while everyone else's experience stays smooth. This enables you to display different content based on where people come from, what device they're using, or even their language. With smart rules in emails, blog posts, and pages, your visitors get content that's right up their alley, boosting engagement and making everything feel more relevant.

10. Landing Pages & Forms

Create visually appealing, personalised landing pages and forms with ease, using HubSpot’s user-friendly drag-and-drop editors. This tool not only enables effective audience engagement but also transforms website visitors into valuable leads. Effortlessly collect important data about your visitors and contacts, all while keeping your data organised and pristine. With cutting-edge features such as A/B and multivariate testing, conversion analytics, and SEO recommendations, you can fine-tune your landing pages for maximum impact and drive conversions efficiently.

11. CTAs

Create high-impact CTAs, without a designer, and leverage your CRM data to display the most relevant and effective prompts tailored to your audience's preferences and behaviours. With the ability to test and analyse different CTA variations, you can gain invaluable insights into what resonates best with your visitors. This iterative process ensures that your CTAs are not just visually appealing but are also optimised for repeat success, driving higher engagement and conversion rates on your digital platforms.

12. Chatbots & Live Chat

Make customer interaction easier and better by automating assistance for prospects and customers, efficiently addressing their inquiries while seamlessly capturing leads. Through chatbots and live chats you can make your visitors feel welcome to your site, qualifying them as leads, and facilitating the booking of meetings, streamlining the customer journey. Enhance your visitor experience by never missing an opportunity to engage, ensuring that every interaction contributes to building strong customer relationships and driving business growth.


Watch our video on YouTube where we demo some of the key features of Content Hub that facilitate content creation:


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