Formulating winning processes for an inbound marketing agency

June 18, 2018
By Becca

Hello again! So I have now completed my second week here at inbound marketing agency Six & Flow, and the adventure continues as I start to establish more contact (and processes) with clients!

With so much to learn, I have a lot to do in terms of getting up to speed and familiarising myself with all of our relationships and approach. This week has consisted a lot of shadowing and A LOT of questions being asked!

Getting to know everything in this role isn’t an overnight process as I’m learning about client history, their objectives, our deliverables, and the tools we’re using to get there. Sadly, there’s no ‘pause button’ for me to get revising!

With so many clients, all with different personalities and knowledge; it’s my job to familiarise with each of them and know how to set expectation. Like any relationship, things take time and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to client services in an inbound marketing agency! These last two weeks have been a great fact-finding exercise for me, whilst I establish a form of communication suitable for all parties.

The First Touchpoint

Communication is key when it comes to getting to know people. It’s very easy to misread or even ignore emails. I am a big fan of a good ol’ fashioned face-to-face myself. There’s things you can’t pick up on with the written word: tone and the ‘non-verbal’ communication.

Saying that, clients of an inbound marketing agency can often be based here, there and everywhere (and sometimes when your client is in Asia, that face-to-face might not happen so soon) so it’s not always logistically possible to meet.

However, what I’ve really enjoyed (and is very much part of the Six & Flow approach) is the use of video calls. For me personally, this has been a really good test and a good opportunity to introduce myself /’warm up’ before I get to meet some clients. It’s amazing how different this is compared to a phone call, which for an introduction, can sometimes be quite clinical and awkward!


For an inbound marketing agency, winning processes start with communication.


Ongoing communication

It’s still early days, but whilst I’m still learning, it’s imperative for me to immerse myself in as much client contact as possible. For the benefit of the client and the agency, it’s key for me to be ‘clued up’ on what’s going on at all times.

I have already established a weekly ‘touchpoint’ with the majority of clients, and our ‘statements of work’ form the agenda for each catch up. There’s no such thing as over-communication in this role, but there will be clients who are more aloof alongside those who need a bit more hand-holding.

Showcasing our achievements

Now I’m establishing regular lines of communication, the next hurdle to jump is utilising the tools available to showcase our results into a format that clearly shows the value of our work. From experience, yes, consistency is important, but given the amount of information / tools / knowledge available at this inbound marketing agency, it’s my job to present information that will capture the attention of our clients. It’s not just about Google Analytics anymore.

I’ll keep you posted!


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