Four signs your startup needs an inbound marketing agency

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    Rose - 17.02.2017
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    We all know that running a startup isn’t going to be a walk in the park. This is why we feel you might benefit from an inbound marketing agency helping you out along the way!

    No one wants to burn out, so it’s wise to look out for some key signs which signal your startup may need some outside help (perhaps from a certain inbound marketing agency in Manchester…)


    1. Juggling many roles that you’re no expert in

    As a start up, you are often either struggling to find things to do, or you have far too much work and not enough staff. As a result, startup founders and employees can end up doing a variety of odd jobs to help others out or keep clients happy. It seems quite difficult to find a perfect medium, where you just do what you do best!

    Forbes recently published an article on the realities of entrepreneurial stress, and suggested writing a list of accomplishments. I make a to-do list every day, writing down every task that needs doing and then prioritising them. I’ve only recently started doing this but it really helps with my organisation, and crossing off the jobs you’ve done is the best feeling. 

    As an inbound marketing agency, we have a key value that if one team member is snowed under, we work together to help them out. It works out great in our office as we’re all marketing types, but this isn’t the best approach in all cases. If your company has little to no marketing experience, it’s worth considering working with an agency. We follow this approach when it comes to our accounting!


    One sign your startup needs an inbound marketing agency - job juggling


    1. Having way too much to do in general

    Like I said, a to-do list is great at making you a lot more organised mentally, but you may find that the list doesn’t ever seem to shrink. We all get busy, but sometimes you just may end up having to let people know that a deadline is unrealistic.

    If you need a break, you just have to take it. There’s nothing worse than working too much and going brain dead. Forbes suggest you get out the office at least once a day and to take an extended lunch break or go to the gym. This switches up your environment and takes your focus off work for a brief period of time.

    As an inbound marketing agency, we tell our clients the truth. We develop marketing strategies that support their business goals, and even advise on other factors such as sales management and reputation management. We only work with businesses we see value in, so if there’s a gaping hole in your team, we’ll probably mention it.


    Another sign your startup needs an inbound marketing agency - being weighed down with work


    1. Worrying about quality

    Obviously everyone wants the quality of their work to be the best, especially if you are promoting a new business and trying to build a professional reputation. Your startup will only get one chance to make a first impression, after all.

    We’re only human, so naturally you are going to make mistakes, but make sure you get feedback from others in order to minimise this risk.

    What our inbound marketing agency does with any client work is implement a strict quality check process. At least two other set of eyes see your work, whether this involves sending them email tests or asking them to proof your copywriting.


    A thrid sign your startup needs an inbound marketing agency - struggling with quality control  

    1. Feeling the pressure of responsibility 

    The pressure of running a startup can be huge. There are so many people out there who want to see you succeed, perhaps even people who would like to see you fail such as your competitors.

    If you run a startup, you are inevitably going to be spending more time at work than at home or with friends. However, staying cooped up in the office permanently will only have negative effects.

    By working with an inbound marketing agency we can take a little of the pressure off of you, allowing you to relax and focus on the things you need to get done. 


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