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Kate - 18.06.2020


Everyone always talks about sales and marketing alignment, and with good reason.

We do quite a bit ourselves, as proven by this blog we recently did on the topic of sales alignment and why it's so important.

By the way, if you'd rather not read this and watch a video instead, our Head of Design and Development Chris Knowles has summarised the contents of the blog in this video below:


If your sales and marketing teams work well together and understand each other's needs, you will naturally provide a better customer experience.

But the relationship between marketers and developers is another issue all together, which can help your business thrive online, or bring it crashing down.

This relationship between marketers and developers can be a complicated one.

Marketers want their business to have a shiny, all singing all dancing website to put content and bring in leads, and they love to test and change things - even the smallest things.

The colour of a CTA, the tiniest change to how a page looks, the list goes on.

These aren't big changes, but traditionally, they require some kind of coding skills to dive into the backend of a website to make the changes.

And marketers, for the most part, don't have those skills, so it falls on developers.

But developers are busy.

They want to build more interesting applications and create a richer user experience beyond what the colour of a banner image looks like.

So the marketers' requests take longer.

But now hope is on the horizon with the arrival of HubSpot's CMS Hub, which finally frees marketers and developers up to focus on the parts of their jobs that make a real difference, and democratise the creation and editing of a company website.


Why does the CMS Hub work so well for scaling businesses?

When it comes to scaling your business, the reason HubSpot CMS Hub works so well is that it was built from the ground-up with the different needs of marketers and developers in mind.

This means your needs have always been, and still are, at the forefront of every new feature that HubSpot develops.

As we've previously discussed, HubSpot started out life as a simple blogging platform, just like Wordpress and other CMS platforms.

On a similar topic. If you're not sure whether to choose HubSpot or Wordpress as your CMS, check out this comparison we did of the two.

But then they went above and beyond this.

With a range of new advanced features, a focus on integration and a desire to improve the lives of marketers and developers alike, they have become a true Enterprise level platform.

And the benefits don't stop there.


The CMS became more and more integrated with the HubSpot CRM

It's all well and good talking about how HubSpot are aligning teams and improving their platform, but how will it actually benefit you?

An important advantage that the CMS Hub offers is the integration with the CRM.

To put it simply, the more integrated the CMS hub is with the CRM, the less time you'll waste on the countless tasks of changing, searching and linking your information.

All of the data you need for email marketing and website personalisation is ready and waiting for you without any need to switch systems, export data or connect different platforms together.

As your website generates leads, they go directly into your CRM, and then the HubSpot tracking cookie enriches those leads with activity data.

This means when your Sales and Marketing teams look at a contact, they have way more information available about a person than just an email address and phone number and can tailor their communications to this information.



How can this help improve the customer journey?

The customer should always be at the heart of everything you do.

Whilst it's great that the CMS Hub can improve the relationships of marketers and developers and make both teams' lives easier, what we really want to know is how it will impact the customer experience.

With this in mind, HubSpot ensured that your marketing team could work with your developers to identify areas where all of the information you gather could be used more effectively.

You can deploy personalised smart content and deliver targeted messages at key points in the sales journey to provide an overall better experience for customers as they use your website and move through different life cycle stages.


Giving marketers more control and developers more freedom

It's an age-old problem.

Marketers want control over their pages but need a developer for all the technical stuff.

This creates frustration for both parties especially when it's only small changes that are needed.

Developers are now able to build page templates with flexible drag and drop sections, custom modules with a whole host of editing options and the recently introduced HubSpot themes.

This opens up even more point and click customisation possibilities and means that marketers can build new website pages and edit existing page layouts and designs without needing any help from the development team once the foundations have been put in place.

Combine this with the new and improved split testing and adaptive content experiments that can easily be created by the Marketing team and suddenly they are able to complete the entire Conversion Rate Optimisation process that's integral to Growth Driven Design without needing to bother a developer.

No more frustration from marketers waiting for their changes and more time for the developers to get on with other projects.

The launch of CMS Hub really has changed how you will build your website in HubSpot and removed many of the barriers to using HubSpot that we've come up against before.

Particularly when it comes to building more customised apps on top of the CMS.

If you want a website that your marketing team can manage independently and that frees up developers to create better apps, then HubSpot CMS is for you.


If you want more information about using HubSpot to improve your website development, download our free guide to Growth Driven Design.





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