How to choose an automation and conversational commerce platform

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John - 14.06.2018

Marketing automation is big business and has helped businesses of all shapes and sizes better align sales and marketing departments, better manage time-consuming tasks, better nurture and qualify leads, and more. You can also introduce automation into your conversational commerce strategy, so long as you pick the right platform.

Automation can be the perfect marketing solution for any business in any sector that's trying to grow, whether they focus on B2B or B2C. In fact, B2B marketers say the number one benefit to marketing automation when they practice inbound marketing for ecommerce is the ability to generate more and better leads.

With 70% of marketers saying that converting leads is their top priority, according to HubSpot, automation can go a long way to helping them free up time, work in tandem with sales teams and better nurture leads. Actually, speaking of HubSpot...


HubSpot for ecommerce is the king of automation

As far as we're concerned, HubSpot for ecommerce rules the roost if you're looking for a CRM that complements, powers and boosts the most important parts of your inbound marketing for ecommerce strategy.

HubSpot is able to automate emails to spend specific content out to targeted leads, collect data automatically in transparent and ethical ways to help your sales teams focus on selling, automate reports and much more besides; all of which is an immensely powerful way to scale growth and take the next step.

Our favourite part of the HubSpot CRM, though, is how it can connect with other leading inbound marketing platforms that also have their own automation processes. We love Shopify, for instance, and feel many businesses looking to grow can make use of its out-the-box templates to create a stunning, functional storefront.

That's not its only benefit. Connecting Shopify to HubSpot gives you the best of both sales and marketing platforms, while it also has its own automation tool, called Shopify Flow, which promises to 'reduce manual tasks and free your entire organisation to focus on what matters'.

What could possibly be better than a truly automated and highly effective sales and marketing strategy? Introducing conversational commerce to it.


The benefits of automation and conversational commerce

The conversational commerce revolution is in full swing, and we wouldn't recommend any platform other than Drift. Drift software provides the perfect tools to create chatbots, script conversations and fully enhance your lead generation and customer relations strategies.

We know because we're doing it for ourselves and our clients (you can read our Drift case study here). Drift and its chatbots are already the perfect complement to any inbound marketing campaign and it can be a better option for site visitors to interact with your brand through automated scripted bots than having to fill out lengthy forms.

Drift isn't stopping there either. The company has recently raised $60 million to further grow its platform and is looking into email marketing automation too, giving businesses more options than ever to grow through conversational commerce.

Find out more about the benefits of marketing automation and how the right software can accelerate your business growth by speaking to the Six & Flow team today.


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