A little competition never did any harm | HubSpot Certification Day

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Sarah - 12.05.2022
Six & Flow HubSpot Certification Day

You know that old saying, "a little competition never did any harm?" We're not sure who originally said it, but it's a pretty good mantra to live by.

Especially when it comes to learning and development.

Yesterday was HubSpot certification day at Six & Flow, and we spent the day taking certifications and adding more HubSpot training to our toolbelt. Yes, we may have had to do some juggling around in our calendars. Yes, we did get a little competitive. but yes, there was LOTS of learning!

But, common, it was fun! We got smarter and added new skills to our toolbelt. Even the Six & Flow pups got to join in on the fun.

Six & Flow certification training

HubSpot Certification Day

As an Elite partner of HubSpot, it's important to stay up to date on all things HubSpot, marketing, sales, operations, data privacy, integrations... Should I stop there? Well, only because the list is getting a little exhaustive for this blog post.

But, you get the point. We like to learn!

And, you may have even seen us getting a little excited about it on social media. Remember how I said we were the competitive bunch? We'll, we even got ourselves a custom trophy...

Six & Flow certification trophy

Growing with Six & Flow

So, all this talk about certifications! But, what did our team actually learn?

Charlie took a HubSpot certification on RevOps. She shared how RevOps is about looking at your go-to-market teams from a holistic perspective and making business improvements that power growth, without additional spend. Now, this is easily said, but what does it look like in practice? In practice, this looks like aligning your team across the same revenue goal, revisiting the way sales reps are compensated or adding automation to remove friction between marketing and sales.

Dave, one of our Business Development Managers wanted to up his sales game by completing the HubSpot Sales Software certification. He refreshed his knowledge on how to execute an inbound sales process using HubSpot CRM.

Michele, added some Drift certifications to her belt with the Conversational Sales Certification. Conversational sales isn't about the business, it's about helping the buyer. To better assist the buyer, you need to meet them on their preferred channel. Doing so can help you accelerate your sales process and help you offer more value to the buyers.

A final note

As the #1 global independent HubSpot agency, it's important we stay up to date on HubSpot software and growth strategies. But, we've also earned this title as a result of our team's diverse skillsets. Our team has to create bespoke strategies in conversational marketing, video, integrations, reporting, and more. So Certification day wasn't just about adding more HubSpot certifications to our list (although that one is getting pretty long), It was also about advancing skills across multiple software in our tech stack.

Together we achieved 50+ certifications in HubSpot, Vidyard, Drift, Google Analytics, and ClickUp. All of which will help us serve our clients better and help us grow.

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