What's new with HubSpot? Inbound 2022 feature releases

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Sarah - 07.09.2022
New HubSpot features announced at Inbound 2022

It’s day 1 of Inbound 2022 and HubSpot has announced some new product releases. 

We’re entering the Age of the Connected Customer. There’s been a lot of talk about digital transformation over the past decade. We’ve seen businesses add new tools to their tech stack, processes become digitized, and GTM teams have become data-driven. 

While these digital transformation acts have become critical to growth, it’s also resulted in a crisis of disconnection: disconnected data and systems, disconnected customers, and disconnected people.

So, where am I going with this? HubSpot has recognised this challenge and has invested in creating features within its CRM-powered platform to enhance connection. 

Since its inception, HubSpot has focused on building a connected CRM platform that helps you create deeper, more meaningful relationships with your customers. Let’s look at some of the features that your customers really want: data privacy and ownership flexible buying experiences, and deeper connections with companies and one another.

HubSpot has released an extensive product update this inbound. So, follow this table of contents to view the features most important to you: 

  1. Operations Hub features
  2. Developer features 
  3. Management & Quality
  4. CRM Customisation
  5. Marketing Hub 
  6. Sales Hub

What's new with Operations Hub 2022?

Product Sync

Run a product data sync bidirectionally. Choose from over 20 third-party apps to connect to your HubSpot product library

What is the impact? HubSpot is creating the only commerce-powered CRM platform. This feature reduces complexity and enables you to connect your product library to HubSpot. 

👉 Available on Free & Starter plans

Product Sync - Operations Hub feature update

Invoice Sync

Sync invoices one-way from third-party apps (Quickbooks, Dynamics 365, Netsuite, etc). 

What is the impact? Deliver revenue-powered marketing, sales, and service strategies. You can gain a complete picture of your business and your customer’s journey by syncing your invoices to HubSpot.

👉 Available on Free & Starter plans


Data Sync Health

HubSpot has added a new tab called “Sync Health” that shows which integrations are in sync, excluded from sync, or failing to sync. 

What is the impact? Move from a reactive to a proactive approach is noticing and solving data issues. 

👉Available on Free & Starter plans

Data Sync - Operations Hub feature update

New features for HubSpot developers 2022

Development Sandboxes

Developers now have an isolated environment to build and test early proof of concept development before moving them to production. 

What is the impact? Developers now have a way to safely test, monitor, and experiment before moving their changes to production. Organisations no longer need to create separate testing accounts and copy over their settings, saving valuable time.  

👉 Available on Sales & Service Enterprise plans

Projects GitHub Integration

Use GitHub as the source of record for your HubSpot project’s codebase. 

What is the impact? This integration promotes collaboration - Developers can work with their teams using the tools they’re familiar with. They can trigger project builds by pushing code to their repositories. 

👉 Available on Sales & Service Enterprise


HubSpot has introduced a new CRM mid-panel card logging system that enables developers to monitor their private app's function. 

What is the impact? This debugging feature is making it easier for developers to debug potential causes of failure and adopt a proactive approach. 

👉Available on Sales & Service Enterprise plans

Debugging - Operate Hub Features Update


CRM Card Builder

The CRM card builder is an interactive interface. It enables developers to easily develop the necessary JSON payloads to deploy custom CRM cards in the middle panel of the HubSpot platform.

👉 Available on Sales & Service Enterprise plans


New features for Data Management & Quality in HubSpot 2022

Cleaner Import

HubSpot has made some modifications to the import experience. Before publishing imports to your CRM, HubSpot will flag and resolve data errors. 

What is the impact? Move from a reactive to a proactive approach when solving data errors. 

👉Available on all free plans

Property Validations

Property validations offer a structure when manually importing data - without slowing down reps. For example, you can set a rule where the data being imported needs to have unique values or set a max character count. 

What is the impact? A clean, consistent database. 

👉Available on all free plans


Data Model Overview

Within your settings, HubSpot now creates Entity Relationship Diagrams for your portal. In the interactive dashboard, you can view how pre-defined and custom objects that you’re tracking within HubSpot relate to each other. 

What is the impact? As you scale and onboard team members, the ERD will maintain up-to-date and offer insight into the infrastructure of your CRM. 

👉 Available on all free plans



Custom Object Builder

HubSpot has introduced a simple, intuitive way to create custom objects. No code is required. 

What is the impact? By enabling non-developers to easily create custom objects, your organisation can easily customise your data model to suit your infrastructure. 

👉Available on Enterprise plans


Data Quality Command Center

In the data quality command center, get at-a-glance insights on the health of all your HubSpot data in one place. 

What is the impact? The data quality command center offers a centralised location for your entire team to gain visibility into formatting issues and CRM property health. 

👉Available on Pro & Enterprise plans


Automation Recommendations

This latest feature from HubSpot uses artificial intelligence to continuously scan your database for issues and recommends automation to fix them.

What is the impact? Eliminate any manual work of having to accept suggestions one by one. 

👉 Available on Pro & Enterprise plans

Fix formatting errors automatically

New features for HubSpot CRM Customisation

Right Sidebar Configuration

Now, you can customise the right and left sidebar and introduce conditional logic to show only relevant cards to different teams. Show chart with page views, table with customer summary data, button to launch a workflow or… data from internal systems, Google Sheets, or an Amplitude chart. 

What’s the impact? Make important information easy to find and eliminate siloed information. 

👉 Available on Professional+ plans

New Activity Types and Configurable Buttons

Now, you can log customer connection activities from SMS, LinkedIn Message, WhatsApp, and Physical Mail.

What is the impact? Customers are looking for support on platforms and at times most convenient to them. That’s why HubSpot introduced the Whatsapp feature. Now, you can manually log those conversations to capture a complete view of your customer’s activity.

👉Available on all free plans

Board Card Configuration

Admins can now select up to four properties to display on board cards of all pipeline objects - deals, tickets, and custom objects. When multiple pipelines are present, customize the cards to display different properties at each stage of the pipeline.

What is the impact? Capture a complete view of your customer at every stage of the deal. For example, you may choose to show the deal amount, deal description, close date, and deal owner. 

👉Default board properties available on Free+

👉 Different properties by pipeline are available on Professional+

Board card configuration - HubSpot CRM update
Records Overview Tab

Configure the layout and which properties are shown such as property highlights, a recent activities card, and associations tables. You can also configure conditional logic to show different data to different teams. With Service & Sales Hub Enterprise, developers can create custom cards with development tools to feature on the custom tab.

What is the impact? See critical information on a new overview tab on all records. 

👉 Available on all free plans

New features for MarketingHub


Connect your WhatsApp Business Account as a messaging channel in your HubSpot inbox and communicate with prospects and customers.The integration also supports video and images and conversation will be visible on the contact record

What is the impact? Enable your prospects and customers to connect with you on the platform of their choice. Conversations will be visible on the contact record, offering a single source of truth for all your teams.

👉Available on Marketing & Service Hub Pro & Enterprise plans

New HubSpot Whatsapp integration

Campaigns 2.0

HubSpot has revamped campaigns! Now, you’re able to view the tactics and strategy across the buyer’s journey, understand how to drive engagement at every touchpoint, and drive campaign optimisation. Campaigns are one-stop-shop for your entire marketing team. 

What is the impact? Create beautiful orchestrated and omni-channel experiences for your customers. Your entire team is able to gain full alignment from the intial campaign execution to optimisation and conversion. 

👉 Available on Marketing Hub Pro & Enterprise plans

HubSpot campaigns feature update

Customer Journey Analytics

Customer journey analytics enable you to visualise your customer’s entire end-to-end journey and get deep insights into the touchpoints that resulted in conversions. From the initial marketing email deliver, visualise all the touchpoints that resulted in conversions.

What is the impact? One size fits all reporting doesn’t work for organisations. This visualisation format enables your team to report on buyer’s journeys and optimise process that result in lost deals. 

👉 Available on Marketing Hub Enterprise plans

New HubSpot customer journey analytics
Ad Conversion Events

First available on LinkedIn, HubSpot customers will be able to fully realize all of their first party data so they are able to target, report, and optimize. Other platforms are coming later this year.  

What is the impact? We are currently entering a cookieless, privacy first world Ad conversion events enable you to power hyper targeted ads without needing to use cookies. 

👉Available on Marketing Hub Pro+ plans


New Features for Sales Hub 2022

Inbound Calling

Reps can now inbound calls to their personal phone or place outbound calls - without divulging their personal phone number. Transcriptions will live in your CRM. 

What is the impact? Record, transcribe, and coach based on the content of these calls.

👉 Available on Sales & Service Hub Starter+ plans

Inbound calling with HubSpot

Custom Goals

Set, track, and manage performance by setting goals unique to your business. Once you set or update the goal, the performance bar will automatically track how close each sales rep or team is to hitting that goal. Notifications can be set based on setting, achieving, exceeding, and missing goals.

What is the impact? Build a culture of transparency across your sales team. Notifications also help to align stakeholders to further drive better transparency and accountability. 

👉 Available on Sales & Service Hub Enterprise plans

Deal Management

HubSpot has made improvements to forecasting and deal management. This includes, a new goals app, better integrated forecasting, and improved deal management experiences. 

What is the impact? This new feature update aims to make it easier to manage deals and in turn, help sales reps close more deals. 

👉 Available on Sales & Service Hub Professional 

New deal management with HubSpot-1

If you have any questions about what’s above, send us a message! 

HubSpot’s new features are building a path to a connected experience through an all-in-one CRM platform. These new HubSpot features will help you delight customers with a connected, customized experience so they feel known and valued from awareness to advocacy.

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