Inbound 2020: what's changed and what you need to know

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Alice - 14.10.2020
Inbound 2020: what's changed and what you need to know

This year, HubSpot’s famous Inbound conference was virtual for the first time ever. And although we couldn’t jet off to Boston, the sessions were just as insightful and valuable as ever and focused on helping people navigate their way through the challenges that the coronavirus pandemic presents. The online setting meant HubSpot had to be even more innovative. Through the use of breakout sessions and inspiring keynote speakers, the whole conference was engaging and interesting making the event a great success.

We’ve pulled together our favourite updates and insights from the event across all the Hubs to discuss what’s new and what it all means for you.




What’s new?

Marketing Hub

HubSpot has always been known as easy-to-use but this year they’ve put a real focus on making it just as powerful as the other big players. One way they’ve done this is by making improvements to automation features. A redesigned workflow builder means you can automate more tasks than ever before and save time. You can set it up to trigger slack notifications or update CRM properties when a lead is created or the stage changes.

With so much noise in your customer’s email inbox and on their social feeds, how can you break through and stand out? The answer is to treat your customers like humans. HubSpot have done this by making it easier for you to deliver CRM-powered marketing with tools like the all-new custom objects, behaviour-triggered events and more.


Sales Hub

Custom objects are now available in Sales Hub Enterprise meaning you can store everything you need in HubSpot including SaaS subscriptions. And don’t panic about complicated processes, custom objects work in exactly the same way as standard objects in HubSpot - you can create and manage them easily, set up workflows and report on them!

HubSpot have always used AI to make the lives of salespeople easier, but now they’ve taken it one step further. Their latest improvement automatically scans a prospects email signature and pulls the key information such as their name, job title and company into your CRM. It’s been estimated that this can save the average salesperson 1 hour 50 minutes a week.


Service Hub

With remote working now a common occurrence, HubSpot have recognised that it’s now more important than ever to have the tools to manage teams effectively. Their new advanced team management functionality gives managers more visibility and allows them to change the availability status of team members. This gives them greater insight and allows them to improve the overall customer experience.

As the reduction in international travel continues, HubSpot developed a feature to support those companies with an international customer base. The Multi-language Knowledge Base can translate current articles into 25 different languages so you can continue delighting your customers all around the world.



Earlier this year HubSpot launched the CMS Hub. The CMS Hub makes it easier for markets and developers to work together by giving marketers more control over their website and allowing developers to use their preferred tools to create flexible content systems so marketers can make the smaller adjustments themselves without needing the developers time.

The enterprise-level of the CMS Hub allows you to create interactive web experiences and scale & expand your website as your brand grows.


How can this all help you?

A key takeaway from Inbound 2020 was the importance of aligning your sales, service and marketing efforts to create a better customer experience. Using all of these features in unison can help you do just that.

Keep your eyes peeled for new updates coming soon such as Marketing Contacts where you only pay for the contacts you market to meaning you get free storage for up to a million other contacts. Individual contacts will also become cheaper as you grow as part of their new scaled-contacts pricing.

For the full set of updates click here.

If you want any more information on the new updates and features, chat to us today!

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