Life at Six & Flow: Why Alice Stayed

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Alice - 30.05.2021
life at six and flow

Hi, I'm Alice and I'm a Growth Strategist (or Senior Marketing Manager if you want a slightly more normal job title). I lead one of our pods to deliver a range of campaigns for our clients, and educate them on all things HubSpot. 

I'm not going to tell you about my first month on the job, because to be honest it's now a hazy memory. Instead, I'll talk about why I've stuck around for so long.

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Where we started 

I've been with the agency for a little over five years now. In Six & Flow terms, that more or less makes me a dinosaur. Since I first interviewed in a coffee shop (Six & Flow didn't have a permanent residence at this point), we've moved into three different offices, rehoming ourselves like a hermit crab as the agency continually grows in size.

During that time, we've evolved in terms of our team, our client base and our core offerings. We've renamed, rebranded and rethought our brand identity. We've recruited an amazing team of marketing experts, focused in Manchester but reaching out to London and Canada!

I made the move to Six & Flow from another inbound marketing agency, so I was well-versed in HubSpot and understood the challenges of balancing multiple clients. Agency life is an entirely different animal to in-house marketing, and it's always fun introducing new team members to the new world. 

What was new to me was working within such a young agency. Six & Flow was still very much in its infancy when I was first hired, and it was great to be a part of the journey to agency adulthood. I've been able to grow along with the agency, working with all kinds of clients, launching a whole host of campaigns and learning from what worked (and what didn't!)


The Covid-19 pandemic

Around 18 months ago, murmurs about this coronavirus thing started to gather momentum, but I wasn't overly concerned - it'll probably all blow over soon, right? Turns out that wasn't the case. Since the office initially closed in March 2020, I can count my visits to the office on one hand, though happily things are changing as we approach summer 2021. 

The initial move to a WFH life wasn't too difficult. As a digital marketing agency, we're pretty well equipped to do everything from the screen of a laptop, and the 20-second commute to the office was a nice little bonus. Over time though, it's fair to say we've all grown to miss being in the office and seeing the team in real life. 

Welcoming new recruits to the pod brought new challenges, and we've definitely had to step up our remote training game. I've worked with some colleagues for months now, but have never been in the same room! Perhaps most importantly, while my cat will keep me company in my home office, she has never once offered to make me a coffee.

Now things are slowly returning to some form of normality, I'm excited to see the team back in the office and collaborating in person, as well as returning to in-person client workshops.


Where we are now

Six & Flow has now established its place within Manchester's thriving digital sector, as well as HubSpot's global agency ecosystem. In fact, we partner with a number of leading marketing technology companies, including Drift and AdRoll. 

Our team-first values of accountability, playfulness, holistic thinking and growth apply both to our work with clients and internally as a business. More exciting developments are on the horizon, and I'm looking forward to being a part of it.

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