Life at Six & Flow: Why Barry Joined

March 15, 2021
By Barry

Barry is the Client Services Director at Six & Flow. He's responsible for client success, service and delivery; helping to drive client happiness and agency operational efficiency and quality.

He also helps the agency to grow through developing client relationships that are performance-based, enabling development and collaboration to deliver long-term client value.


Why I joined Six & Flow

I’d had my fill of corporate, private equity backed agency life–where profits came before people and clients.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the client work, grafting hard with the team and the fun, but I wanted to add better value to my client's precious budget with a stronger mar-tech approach.

And so when I saw Six & Flow were hiring what appealed to me the most was the authentic approach to people first, and a focus on growing through the outcomes achieved for clients. The right things, the right way.

My first (and lasting) impressions

The hiring process was comprehensive. Each of the well-considered steps gave me and the company a good chance to work out if it was going to be the right step for both of us. What I saw from the outside, was what I felt inside too when I started to engage with the team during the hiring stages.
Authentic, straight and with a ‘one team’ approach.

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The onboarding experience (especially now that we're all remote) 

It’s fair to say I’ve never started a new job during a global pandemic before.

Who has?

And whilst it is so much easier to build a rapport, form a bond, and get your message across to new colleagues in person, the onboard was as good as I could hope for, doing things remotely.

From couriers bringing you kit, books and welcome gifts to coffee zoom calls with new colleagues based locally in Manchester and further afield in Canada and the U.S.

Learning the new set up and systems is never easy at the best of times but lacking the ability to tap somebody on the shoulder for help at the office made things tricky. But we were all adapting to Lockdown No1 and supporting each other through that. There was a sense of camaraderie and team spirit that I never thought I’d feel on a video call.

My first month at Six & Flow

The first month flew by. I was made to feel like one of the family very quickly and I was able to understand how the company rolls. The team were great and welcomed a newcomers opinion easy. This was a good sign that I was accepted, despite not having met anybody in person.

And just when I was having so much fun, something terrible happened. My mum died. The response and support I got from my management team really told me more about the company I’d joined than anything else. True compassion and thought, for a relative stranger. From that moment I understood I was part of a people first business.

But the fun soon returned when we entered the Christmas period.
The virtual Christmas party hilarity was matched only by my MD playing Father Christmas and personally delivering a hamper all all sorts of swag and goodies.

Well played, boss.

My role: Client Services Director 

I joined Six & Flow as Client Services Director. A role the company hadn’t had before but recognised was needed to help prepare for growth.
Having held this position in other agencies I was sure I could add lots of value to the experience our clients have working with Six & Flow and develop long and rewarding relationships with them.

And how do we deliver those great experiences?....Through our people.

A big part of my role is to develop our people and help them to reach their full potential, and my job is made easy by working with an incredible team who are so hungry to learn and grow.

I have a passion for all things marketing, in particular the power of combining data with technology, creativity and human behaviour. Six & Flow gives me a platform to be innovative on all of that and to personally grow further.

What I enjoy most about being part Six & Flow

Being the ‘not so new boy.’

What I love about Six & Flow is there’s a really strong sense of growth; helping clients to grow, our people to grow and in turn our agency to grow.

In fact, Six & Flow is on a huge growth spurt. Winning lots of new clients, growing the ones we already have and needing to expand the team in all areas.

At least it meant I wasn’t the new boy for long...

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