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Charlie - 11.04.2021
life at six and flow

Hello! I'm Charlie, and I'm a Growth Exec here at Six & Flow. That means I'm part of our delivery team working in a small pod to create lots of cool stuff for our lovely clients. 

I'll be talking about my experience of working in an agency for the first time, starting a new job from home and my first few months here at Six & Flow - and hopefully you'll read something that makes you click 'apply'... 

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It's a very exciting time to be part of the Six and Flow team. If you haven't already seen on LinkedIn, we're expanding the agency (in the UK and beyond!), so that meant when I joined the team back in January I wasn't the newbie for very long. 

My first impressions of Six & Flow

2020 was a bit of a mess, wasn't it? With all the chaos and change throughout the year, the opportunity for me to start something amazing was a no-brainer. 

I'd heard of Six & Flow before and I'd met Rich (our MD) at an event so I saw the posts on LinkedIn looking for new marketers. I was a bit nervous to apply initially so I held off for a couple of months. Then lo and behold the ad found its way onto my timeline once again. Whether it was down to fate or just the algorithm I'm still not sure, but I submitted my CV and not long after was invited to speak to Sarah and Heather from the Ops team over Zoom.

The interview process was thorough and rigorous (chats, presentations, speed interviews - you name it), and I guess that's why every single person throughout the company is kind, genuine, and great to work with. New recruits are hand picked by their potential team members which creates areally friendly and inclusive environment.

After I made it through each of the stages, I got an email from Sarah asking if we could talk about the 'feedback' she got from the team about me. Well played Sarah, way to keep me on my toes. I was full of panic and gave her a call straight away. 

Fast forward the longest few minutes of my life. I had to put myself on mute so she wouldn't hear me squealing when she offered me the role. I thought about it for all of 5 seconds and accepted - duh!!

I joined just after the Christmas/ New Year break, so before I started I was given a Christmas hamper, a shiny new MacBook, and plenty of Six & Flow merch. Nice touch. Six and Flow really know how to look after their people. 

Starting a new job in lockdown

The first day of a new job always comes with mixed emotions. For me, it was a cocktail of nerves and excitement, as well as overthinking the dress code and my introductory greeting. 

Although it wasn't my first job in marketing, I'd never worked in an agency before, nor had I started a new job from home. But all the nerves disappeared once I'd gotten through my 'first day' activities and started catching up with my new team. My remote onboarding was seamless and I had weekly check-ins to make sure everything was running smoothly. 

I felt super connected and supported (still do!), knew who to ask if I needed help, and was clear on the tasks I needed to work through; virtual coffee catch-ups, HubSpot and Drift certs, and little bits of new job admin here and there.

Life as a Growth Executive

My first month absolutely flew by. I've heard it does that when you're having fun. I was eased into agency life and all the new lingo - scrums, timesheets, pods etc - and started picking up a few pieces of work for clients. I'm very much a 'learn by doing' type of person, and working on client projects in my first few weeks was so exciting. 

Looking back, month one set the tone for how the rest of my time here has been; filled with support, learning, and trying new things. It gave me the confidence to throw myself into months two and three and really get the most out of what goes on at Six & Flow.

Day-to-day life as a Growth Executive is pretty cool. I get to learn loads of new things and really get stuck into the work we do for clients. That ranges from creating social media calendars, writing copy, working on HubSpot implementations, scripting chat bots. The list goes on. It's a role that gives you the ability to grow as a marketer whilst helping the clients you look after grow too. Everybody wins!

The best part about Six & Flow

My favourite thing about it here is without a doubt the people. It's like having a full team of cheerleaders that want to see each other do well. 

We're really connected and have the opportunity to catch up during the day while we're all at home. We've got channels in Slack dedicated to sharing memes and talking about Line of Duty, as well as the more serious actual work-related questions. Not only that, everyone is super knowledgeable and there's always something to learn. 

It goes without saying that Six & Flow is an amazing place to be, and I'm looking forward to the day we're all together so I can finally meet my lovely teammates in person. 

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